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Family Like Snapping Turtles



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Winter is wearing us out over here. My house is small and we have been inside of it, all of us together, for way too many days recently.




We are all behaving like snapping turtles, no matter what anyone says, someone else responds with a snapping, biting remark. My son and I are extreme introverts and struggle with the constant people on top of us here. My other son is an extreme extrovert and suffers from the lack of school and tries to get too much out of us  introverts. We are all on edge.




We are in desperate need of sunshine and fresh air. We are done with the gray cloudy days and air so cold it hurts exposed skin in a few moments. Another storm on the way tonight. (sarcastic sigh and yay) So with sunshine out of the question since we can’t afford a trip out of this state, we are planning a day trip to a cool children’s museum very soon. If the weather advisory holds off and it is safe to drive that day, of course. (fingers crossed)




In the mean time, here is my attempt to find the positives to being winter’s prisoner:




  • I have cleaned and organized parts of my house better than I have in years, due to being stuck inside and tired of seeing the clutter and dust.
  • The kids have come up with highly creative new games to play with legos and other toys
  • The kids have beat super mario and unlocked new levels and characters
  • I have beaten all of my high scores in wii fit and continue to get stronger and more balanced
  • I have had plenty of time to draw and paint
  • I work from home so I rarely have to dig my van out of the snow and chip off the ice
  • I work from home so all the snow days off of school did not affect my ability to work
  • The ice is rather beautiful and sparkly
  • the crunching sound when I walk in the snow (I do have to go outside one in a while) makes me smile and remember my first date with Hubby
Icy Window

Icy Window (Photo credit: derekGavey)

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