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Spring, by my daughter – Poem 30/30


Kids playing under a blossoming tree in Centra...




is a great time of year.




it always brings good cheer.




I like it a lot.




It’ll give you great thought.




is a nice time to play.




it makes a great day.


(c) 2013  – My Daughter, age 9



This is it! My final poem to meet the 30 poems in 30 days challenge. I am so pleased I was able to join in the fun. I met some new blogging friends, learned about myself and others, branched out into other poetic genres, and generally had a wonderful time. I saved my daughter’s poem for the last. We are entering a local poetry contest together, and this is her submission. She came out of the bathtub one evening, all excited, and said, “Mommy, I wrote a poem!” I said, “Great! Let me read it.” She said, “Well, I need a pencil, I’ve only written in my mind, so you can’t read it yet.”

After a minute of furious pencil scribbling, she hands this poem over to me. The spacing is how she wrote it.


I love this so much. I love her so much.  I am so lucky to be her Mom.




Battle – Poem 29/30


Malignant and menacing, the moon exposed,

Deadly and deplorable, death superimposed,

grotesque and gruesome, prowling at night,

formidable figure, terrible fright.

What creature is this? standing alone,

mangled flesh, distorted bone.

Was it a man? Is it one still?

Dare to examine, feel the chill

What is life? An illusion, a shadow, a story. ...

shadow and light (Photo credit: legends2k)

when soul sees soul-less eyes.

Need to run, yet compelled to stay.

For curiosity, you will pay.

Horrendous and hideous, all that it shows.

Devastation and degeneration, all that it knows.

Appallingly awful, existence denied.

Sinister and shocking, no where to hide.

Eminent battle, must be prepared.

Only the strongest has chance to be spared.

Forget weapons, no gun, no sword

useless – for gore can’t be gored.

One, only one, thing it has not

the light of a soul, can’t be fought.

The good within will always win.


(c) 2013 Roots To Blossom


This was my attempt at a cacophony.  It was supposed to be dark and rough, and use dissonance and create an eerie feeling. I was going to end the poem after ‘only the strongest has chance to be spared’, but I couldn’t leave it that way, so uncertain.  So I had to un-cacophony it and add some hope. I had fun with the dark imagery, but light had to win in the end. The foul creature in this poem could be anything in life that tends to dim our inner light, and I think it will represent something different to each reader.

Another One Gone – Poem 28/30

Goalfinder  brain-nerve-cells

brain-nerve-cells (Photo credit: gfinder)


Watch the clock.

(Stifle a yawn)

Afternoon gone.

Why are they reading

(is my heart still beating?)

The words on the screen?

(stifle a scream)

Does’t management know

(She’s speak-ing so slow-ly)

We learned how to read

(I’ll never be freed)

Words on our own?

(Stifle a groan)

Trapped in these meetings

Each speaker repeating

What the speaker just said before.

(Head nod. Head Bob. Pen hits the floor)

Does anyone care

(I want to rip out my hair)

that my life is in danger

(feeling stranger and stranger)

from boredom so extreme

attention vs daydream

explodes each cell in my head?

I just hope it’s not so boring being dead.

Wildflowers – Poem 27/30

English: Wildflowers

English: Wildflowers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wildflowers in the forest.

Weeds in our garden.

Delicate and lovely,

Fragrant and colorful,

Joyful to behold.


Spreading and choking

the well planned un-natural landscape.

Hours lost removing

and preventing the wild invasion.

Hours gained happily hiking

to visit the weeds,

here called wildflowers,

where some say they belong.



Why ask Why – Poem 26/30

‘Why’ is a child’s question

asked when the world is new.


I adore their point of view.

Why do the birds sing?

Why don’t I have wings?

Why do grown-ups work so much?

Why do armpits tickle when touched?

Why can’t I stay up all through the night?

Why is the sun so hot and so bright?

Why does the moon always change shapes?

Why are there green AND purple grapes?

Why do I have to take a bath?

Why do I have to stay on the path?

So many questions

from those wondering minds.

More questions form from the answers they find.

Until one day, the wondering fades.

Life is just life, black and white answers now have shades.

We learn some ‘Why’s have no answers at all

We find peace in acceptance

of what we don’t know

and instead live life and love life

and continue to grow.

What is a Poem? – Poem 25/30


are pictures painted with words,

telling a story

no one has heard

quite that way before.


A Poem

is a pause,

an attempt to express

effect and cause

with an intensity

that conversation can’t.



be it prose or rhyme

depicts our human experience

withstanding the test of time

as the calendar may change

but people – our emotions

remain ever the same.

This Moment – poem 24/30

This moment

right here and now

will not be repeated.

Please don’t allow

your life to be cheated

out of actually feeling

the joy

or sadness, or quiet, or wonder

as life is revealing

the truth

or tragedy, or peace, or thunder.


This moment

right here and now

gone – in the blink of an eye.

Please don’t allow

your life to pass by

without you.