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I feel like the baby they took the candy from

I am in tears again.

My company is going through a “restructuring” phase.

Step 1 was to terminate nearly 800 people

Step 2 was to make each remaining employee scramble about to complete tasks that used to belong to 10 people

Step 3 was to motivate us to work even harder to make the company more money with vague empty promises

Step 4 was to mistreat the remaining workers and cause several more to resign

Step 5 was to ask the remaining workers to do the jobs of 20 people with no pay increase and even more vague promises


I have never experienced mismanagement at this grand scale before. They have eliminated the core of our company and reduced our ability to deliver a quality product, but they don’t seem to know it, since they have no idea what any of us actually did. Some of the people that were terminated had years of specialized expertise.

At our annual leadership conference this week, we created a new vision statement, worked on team building and planning both short and long term goals to get us through this tough time. I was OK with not being chosen for the supervisor position I interviewed for last week. I was really OK with that and was ready to get a new focus and back to work. And then when I got to the conference, they announced that my current supervisor was moving up to general manager, and then they offered me her job. A lateral supervisor position to the one I interviewed for, and told me it was a better fit. I agreed, and I was ecstatic. The new roles were announced to my team, and we spent the new few days with some of us in the office, and some calling in from home, planning our new direction.

And then yesterday, 2 days after assigning my new role, as my team was working together in our new roles, our director emails us, from the office down the hall, that our new titles have been revoked, and they expect the current supervisor to take on the additional duties of the general manager while remaining our supervisor. Without a pay increase. And I am to remain a senior lead, on part time with no benefits. They took it all away before I ever really had it.  And I cried, like a baby. It hurt so much. I did not realize how much I wanted that promotion until they took it back away from me.

So now what? I am hurt and insulted. But my budget is already tight, and I care about my company and the remaining coworkers too much to just up and quit. But I am putting out feelers as I have no job security at all. And I’m not sure how long I can continue to give them the expected 29 hours a week, while not completing everything assigned to me with my team so small now, and with no benefits, no sick days, etc. This sucks.

So, I try to be grateful I was not fired, that I still have this flexible work from home job. I try to go back to how I felt before all the empty and broken promises. I am trying not to think of how they are using me and not sharing any profits with me. That is especially hard when the execs are brought to our meetings in company cars with chauffeurs, from their stay at the Four Seasons, and they discuss “dropping 20 grand” last week at a furniture store down the street.

So I only have 3 more hours to work this week to stay under 29. I wonder which tasks can wait until Sunday? We’re going to have so many angry clients. I have always responded to their requests within 24 hours, usually within a few hours. Now they will wait days. I hope our company’s reputation will not be ruined by this ‘restructuring’. God I hate that word.

I was feeling ok, and then I got an email from a team member that still thinks I am now her supervisor. She sent me her timesheet. Ouch that hurt. My supervisor/Manager is meeting with the director and trying to fight for us, so we have not announced anything to our team. We are hopeful they will reconsider. And we don’t want to confuse our team any more than necessary. What a mess.

Just give me back my candy.

Tough Tamales for You, Now walk the plank, or get out of the kitchen, or something

Walk the plank

Walk the plank (Photo credit: hyper7pro)

Several members of my department are being ‘downsized’ due to ‘restructuring’. I am the lowest level of management in my company and was told by uppermost management to choose 2 out of the 25 wonderful people on my team that they are the lucky winners that get to keep their jobs. The other 23, well, tough tamales for you I guess. Time for you to walk the plank.

I am surprised that I don’t feel worse for the plank walkers. I feel something, but it certainly isn’t stress, or pain, or even much concern. Am I a cold-blooded boss? Not at all. But I guess I am very practical and understand business is business. I also knew it was coming. Our new CEO is a shark. And yes, for the metaphor police, typically sharks don’t make you walk the plank, they just devour you, but see, she is not the one making these decisions either. She is the one we are feeding, to save ourselves. Remember the powerful woman in the custom tailored suit with the crushing hand-grip from my business trip last month?

Here’s why I don’t feel so bad. (Either these reasons are correct, or I can always fall back on the premise that I am actually a bitch, that seems to come up often enough. Although I’d never throw anyone under the bus, I won’t look back if they choose to stay in the road) (yes, another metaphor)

First, my team was made up of all women working part time (some only 10 hours weekly) to supplement whatever other income they had in their family. For most, the husband makes most of the money. For some of the retirees, they did depend on it more. But if anyone was actually surviving on this itty bitty income, then I need to talk to them and get some lessons on frugality.

Second, we are keeping the best of the best, the ones that exude positivity, and always jump in to help when needed. The ones that can produce. the ones that will work round the clock as needed and ask for more, thriving on the thrill of deadlines.

Third, I understand the corporate budget, and what they are doing is replacing 3-5 part time workers with 1 full time. Makes sense.

And finally, projecting our needs in the upcoming months, these plank walkers were not going to get many hours anyway, so better to let them go and find something else.

Oh, another finally, they were all given opportunities to apply to other positions in the company and chose not to apply. They were warned that the company is changing, they were introduced to the shark. They chose not to step up, so instead will be stepping off the plank.

As soon I heard the name of our shark, I googled and researched and climbed the crows nest (back on the ship? what happened to the bus?) to see which direction we were headed, and made sure they knew I wanted to go that way too. Hell, I even steered the ship a little. I like the direction we are headed, and think I have secured a spot in the crew for myself. But I will always have an eye on that shark, because as long as she is in charge, not a one of us is truly safe here. She has also released most of the C-blank-Os, as in we have a new CFO, CTO, CIO, all with credentials too long to list on a business card.

And I guess I feel a little bad that I think our kitchen had too many cooks for our overpriced stew. (seriously, another metaphor? Yes. I think figuratively when nervous and holding onto one train of thought is like holding onto a feather in hurricane. And I’ve had way too many meetings today. Way too many. Beer? Yes. Yes it is Beer ‘o’ Clock. I’ll drink to me keeping my job and not becoming shark bait)