You can’t force an uneasy mind

When anxiety takes hold, or even anxiety’s precursor of overthinking, the mind is in a dangerous system overload. A talented pilot can recognize the danger signs and possibly pull up out of the death spiral before stalling out and nosediving. But even the most talented cannot be forced through the anxiety, forced to overcome the fear, to get over it, or snap out of it.

Pulling yourself up out of the grips of anxiety takes awareness, self compassion, and plenty of practice. The earlier you catch it, the easier it is to apply the brakes. At some point, it is a lost cause and all you can do is wait it out and breathe. 

The worst thing that can happen to an anxious person, is the addition of more stress by expressing frustration, disappointment, even anger. Yelling and asking the anxious person to rush, to do what they fear, will escalate the anxiety and cause further delay. An anxious person already feels like a freak and would love some gentle, quiet support, some sympathy and understanding, someone next to them so they aren’t so alone.

We feel so alone, so often, and we hate it.


4 thoughts on “You can’t force an uneasy mind

  1. Hugs, I like the meme that says, “No one ever calms down by being told to calm down.” I learned a lot about waiting through my mind storms. I love the internet because here, I am not alone. Online I found out how many others are facing similar challenges. I recognize their frustrations because I have those frustrations too. Cheering for you.

  2. I hate “wasting” time. I hate knowing I’m wasting time and hate knowing I have to wait it out. I feel so stuck and useless. I hate knowing I have to wait out those feelings, too. Then I have to reach the point where I move on despite feeling like a burden because completely giving up isn’t a choice I’m willing to accept. Keep fighting for you, even if the fighting consists of taking another breath and another breath…

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