What to write (poem)

I used to write poems from my heart
Now I don’t know quite how to start
The words used to flow, no, pour out
Now even I have no clue what I’m talking about

The best way to begin is to jump right in
For penning bad poetry surely’s no sin
I’ll not be afraid to choose the wrong phrase
Or that my rhythm here or there strays

I’ll try to say what I want to say
Without extra words stuck in the way
I’m not simple minded but simply choose
Straight forward sentiments with no way to confuse

Next time inspiration comes to me
I’ll start writing immediately
Get those words out of my brain
express my love or joy, sadness or pain

Copyright rootstoblossom 2016

4 thoughts on “What to write (poem)

  1. Wanted to pop in and mention that someone pointed me towards this article, and it made me think of you right away … how you work at keeping things balanced, all while acknowledging that there are sometimes daily struggles to maintain. Anyway, just wanted to share the link. Sorry I don’t know how to embed a link correctly, so not sure this is going to work, but I’ll give it a try:


    • Thanks for thinking of me and sharing this link. I can definitely relate to parts of that article and how difficult marriage and family can be with mental health troubles.

  2. p.s. I love it when we try using poetry as another way to unlock some of what floats around in our head. I’ve never been one to claim that I understand poetry as a language, but I also can’t deny that I’ve read some poetry that seems like it is the only language that makes any sense. Bravo to you for finding words that help you illustrate where you are on any given day. Keep writing, and keep doing whatever works. That’s how we keep it all from spinning out of control, right?

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