Truth can’t be seen by all

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I’ve known so many people unable to see the truth. This post explains why in such a simple way. The truth seems like an attack. Hmmm.

In this way, I’ve attacked many. They didn’t want to believe their husband, father, brother, neighbor, coworker, etc could be such a terrible man. That evil can be likable. So when presented with my truth, it was easier to believe I was lying. That didn’t ruin their lives or view of themselves or their worlds. If I was lying, then nothing had to change. It was easier and they felt safer.

I understand. I do.

Maybe I would even take the easy and safe option if I ever had one. We don’t know. I don’t know. I never had easy and safe so for me, I’ve always been able to do the hard stuff.

Well, I can do what’s hard for others anyway, like facing the truth and enduring pain. The things that might be easy for others, that’s what’s hard for me, like taking care of myself, enjoying a picnic, feeling human like I belong.

But I’ve always known my truth. I may not have understood why until recently, but I knew I had these issues, and have been desperately seeking help, trying to get better. Trying to BE better.

I wish I knew a way to reveal the truth to those in hiding without them seeing me as an attacker or a threat. Is there a way? Or do we have to be patient and wait on the other person to come around?


2 thoughts on “Truth can’t be seen by all

  1. My sister shared a meme on FB of two chihuahuas. The first picture is of the dog is snarling. In the second, the dog looks sweet and innocent. The Subtitle: Narcissists at home and in public. I can only go by what has happened to me. I cannot convince those who have no wish to have their bubble burst. The only time they see the truth is when they see the mask slip for themselves, and even then some choose to pretend it didn’t happen.

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