Surgery story, part 3

I didn’t know it, but it was about 10 PM when the nurse brought me a dinner tray and attempted to wake me up in my room. I was so sleepy, and everything was blurry when I managed to open my eyes for a moment at a time. I did see hubby sitting by my bed.

I either said or moaned something to indicate I was not hungry.

She came to my left arm to take my blood pressure and said what is this? (She saw the ric dressing) Woah…..she put the cuff on the right side. I couldn’t see what she saw and was too sleepy to care.

Hmmm your pressure is low honey, do you feel dizzy?

Even in my diminished state I wanted to call her an idiot and roll my eyes. But I was too sleepy. I lost a lot of blood, even with the cell saver, of course it’s low. Plus I’m lying down flat. Idiot. Plus I’m more heavily medicated than a tranquilized bear. Wtf. Seriously.

The nurse asked me to rate my pain level, I again moaned something. I was aware of some pain but it was too general all over and overwhelming. I was too sleepy to think and rate anything. Numbers were this abstract concept I couldn’t pin down in my floaty mind.

I think the nurse mistook my moaning to mean pain, not sleepiness and leave me alone sounds because she put something in my hand and explained it was my pain pump, that it would deliver pain medicine when I pushed the button. That I could push it whenever I wanted, and that if I heard two beeps it delivered a dose, but if I heard only one beep it was too soon and no meds were pumped. She asked if I understood.

I moaned something like uh-huh and nodded my head with my eyes closed again.

She asked me to go ahead and push it now because she was not allowed to push it for me.

I located my hand and the tiny button in it. after some concentration, I was able to push it in, and heard two loud distinct beeps.

The nurse said good job and something else…I was instantly getting sleepier. And queasier…ugh. I didn’t know that was possible.

The nurse showed me how to use my bed buttons, and nurse call buttons. Then she wrapped my legs in something, I heard a beep, and the something started squeezing my calves to prevent blood clots. I drifted in and out of sleep no matter how much i fought it, until I heard hubby say he was going to go get some sleep and he would be back in the morning. He kissed me and left around 11pm after getting up at 4 am and being there all day for me.

The night passed quickly enough with me totally loopy. I wasn’t aware of much pain, I was more bothered by the nausea.

At some point a nurse brought me a big jug of water which I ignored. Some point later she made me sit up and drink some of it despite my protests. My mouth still felt weird, and I was still so queasy. But I had a few sips at her insistence. It felt wrong on my tongue and my throat felt raw the entire way down. As soon as it hit my stomach it started another round of vomiting, rather dry heaving, which earned me more zofran. I was too exhausted to refuse it even though I knew I had too many different meds in me.

That injection knocked me out cold. I could no longer fight it. The next time they came in to check my vitals and draw blood they lifted my arm for me like I was a rag doll.

A nurse brought me a little cup full of pills. She injected more into my IV. She did tell me everything but I was too sleepy to understand. I now know it was percocet(narcotic), iron, vitamin c, multivitamin, colace(stool softener), pepcid(acid reducer).

Not sure how much time passed, but it seemed way too soon, a breakfast plate was brought in to me. I had no interest. Someone came in and raised my bed, put the tray in front of me and started explaining to me I had to eat and drink or I’d never get better.

I was so sleepy and loopy and confused, I wasn’t sure how long I had been in the hospital at that point, and by the way she was talking I thought maybe I hadn’t eaten in days. So me being the good girl, I decided to try even though I was so nauseous, head spinning.

I had a sip of orange juice and it felt like I was drinking fire. I had a sip of milk and that felt better on my throat but my tongue was weird. I tried the coffee and couldn’t feel the heat. I tried some Cheerios and couldn’t feel them. Because I couldn’t feel my tongue.

I touched my tongue with my fingers then, and it was completely numb, like dentist got it with the Novocaine numb. I was just starting to wonder about that when breakfast decided it needed to come back up. The nurse handed me a bucket, removed the food tray. I tried telling her about my tongue. She asked when did it start? Why didn’t I say something before? Well…this was the first I tried to eat and I’ve been sleeping…eye roll

She said she never heard of that and I should ask the doctor.

Sigh. Here we go.


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