Challenging beliefs, cpt example

Cpt introduced me to some powerful tools, mainly this worksheet used for organizing thoughts, feelings, and cognitive distortions.

Cpt seems to take over for where CBT has gotten me but left me. Addressing stuck points, identifying automatic thoughts and feelings, and then challenging them in this structured, step by step format has been amazing…and terrifying too. I’ve never felt so vulnerable, like having a microscope inspect your thoughts and then document all the unbalanced problems. It’s difficult not to feel like a totally messed up freak with this much new awareness. No more hiding. No more saying I’m fine. I’m clearly not.

I wanted to share one of these worksheets here.


I’ll go through an example if how to fill one out later. Writings not coming easily to me today.

2 thoughts on “Challenging beliefs, cpt example

  1. I like this one. Because I journal (all the time) and my journals are extraordinarily disorganized this seems to be an extension and far better way to process. I think it is great. I think every and any way in which we can break our walls is what we need, any tool in our toolbox is better than none.

    • I loved (and hated) the cognitive processing class. The structure and organization appealed to me, like shelter from the chaotic storm in my mind. I would actually leave class feeling satisfied, like ah, that’s where that thought belongs

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