Reached my limit, migraines as indicators

My body let me know in not so subtle ways. I woke up last night with worst migraine in years maybe decades. Complete with vision loss, numb,tingly face, arms, hands, endless vomiting. The pain is agonizing. Like labor pains ripping through my skull.

I’m going to listen to my body. I’ve been fearing for months now that I can’t handle full time hours. I can’t. The stress is too much. I’m going to request going back to part time and give my body the rest it is crying out for. Got the message loud and clear. Please stop the pain.


4 thoughts on “Reached my limit, migraines as indicators

  1. Migraines, geesh, I’ve had terrible migraines for 8 weeks now. Worst year ever for me, and some lasting for 6 or 7 days with no let up, I’m truly waiting for warmer weather. Yes, please stop the pain.

  2. Thinking of you. It’s a smart idea to listen to your body when it speaks that loudly to you. Hope your head feels better soon. The one thing I can’t function with is a migraine. Such terrible pain. Xx

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