Staying put when lost only works in the supermarket

I’m lost. This phrase keeps popping into my head. And then I hear my mom’s voice telling me as a child in the supermarket, if you get lost just stay put and I’ll find you.

I can’t help but think how terrible that advice is for anyone lost in life. If I stay put right now, I will only sink deeper in the rut.

I want to keep moving, anywhere but here, and see where I end up. Because here is not gonna do. I don’t know which way to go. I don’t see the yellow brick road.

You can’t get there from here. I keep hearing that phrase too.

Is it too late? I can’t go back the way I came.

The worst part is I don’t even know what I’m looking for. So each day I keep going, pick a direction, any direction, and see what happens. Will I ever find where I belong? I’ve found many places where I fit in, where I function, where mediocrity rules the day. Blah. I want to find something so important to me that I can’t imagine a day without it.

Right now – nothing really matters.


3 thoughts on “Staying put when lost only works in the supermarket

  1. I never thought of that before, about staying put, waiting for someone to find us. It’s good advice for a child, a child who doesn’t know the possibilities or have the skills to figure out other options. As an adult, it is self-limiting. Don’t know if it helps, but you’re not alone.

  2. My friend, sometimes we just need to stop, breath and rest. Things do matter, you matter. It isn’t unusual to feel lost, without direction or an anchor. What you are feeling isn’t at all strange, the secret is knowing why, consider the recent changes and losses. I know as strange as it is, losing a focal point even a despised focal point often leaves us with a hole.

  3. That is a horrible way to feel, aimless with such uncertainty. Sometimes we don’t know which way our lives are heading, but the most important thing is to keep on searching. When we’re searching, we’re moving. That might feel like moving around an endless roundabout, but at least it’s not stagnant.

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