If I wanted this much drama

I’d move to Hollywood.

Seriously blindsided again by a drama-nado. Someone at work makes an easy to make human error. Someone else finds it and starts talking about it, to everyone except the one who did it. By the time it gets back to one who made the mistake, 6 people are all in a frenzy, discussing it at length in email, phone and IM all day long.

How could this happen? It wasn’t my fault. Doesn’t she know any better? Do we need to add this to the training program? I thought we covered it already! Maybe we need to fire her? Let’s see if we can find any other little mistakes. LOOK! She did make another mistake yesterday, look what I found! Did you see this? But wait, maybe this one wasn’t her fault, look who asked her to do it. Should we make a new policy? No mistakes allowed before noon. But isn’t mistake a gray area? we need to nail it down first or it won’t be fair. We can coach the mistakes away. The system? No, nothing is wrong with the system, it works perfectly, if we could just get all of our people to stop making mistakes. No they don’t make mistakes because the system is too confusing, you just check that box, check that box, initial this one, never check that box, always write in this box, use capitals in this box, underline this one, copy this one into that one and copy that one into this one. Simple. How could anyone mess that up? Yes we’ve hired and fired 12 people to do this job and no one can do it. So what? that just proves it is so hard to find good people that actually care about doing a good job. Wait, she didn’t get the memo. I just checked and her name is not on this list. So she didn’t know we moved that box and she should check the other box now. Well she should have known and asked us before doing it wrong.

That is my day, every day.

But there is a plan. Structure is being inserted, like a pipe cleaner into jello, but it is a start. Communication is happening – starts loudly and goes to all the wrong people first, but eventually it gets to the right person now. Messes are getting cleaned up. And no one has been fired for a few months. A few key people have admitted it is the system that needs fixing. A few key roadblocks have stepped out of the way for progress.

Like any good drama, these are the days of our lives, I am hooked. I can’t wait for the next episode, even though I also don’t want to waste my time with it. Drama is addictive. I try to stay out, to only observe, but I am not immune. And darn if I’m not human.

Or maybe I just want my own academy award? why not. Well, maybe not, I don’t have it in me to compete with the divas. But part of me is enjoying being the understudy. love/hate is a fine line.

5 thoughts on “If I wanted this much drama

  1. We work so hard to be healthy and still have to deal with unhealthy people. Can you imagine how stressful it would be if you weren’t as healthy as you are now? Go you! 🙂

  2. I was thinking something along the same lines as what Judy said. Imagine having to be stuck in that tangled web if you weren’t already at a place where you know what is healthy, and what isn’t. Thank goodness you can step outside of it a bit and become an observer. It would almost be comical, except it usually isn’t so funny, because of all the finger-pointing and whispering. Every person seems to be fully vested in the idea that if they can catch someone else in a mistake, that in turn, they end up looking better. What a nasty mindset – basing your success on someone else’s failure. Pitiful way to do business.

    Your description really had me remembering those good old days in the corporate web, especially the part about the illogical way of thinking that someone shouldn’t ever make a mistake that they don’t know that they are making. I can’t even begin to count the number of times some employee or another was grilled with the “why didn’t you ASK” when the obvious answer was that they had no clue there was even a question that what they were doing might not be the right way. They confidently moved forward, only to find out after- the-act that maybe (a) they weren’t trained properly in the first place, (b) they didn’t get the memo that the procedure had changed, or (c) someone intentionally set them up to fail. All of which happens.

    Yep, it really can be a huge soap opera. Or telenovella. A revolving cast of characters, all feeding off the drama. Break out the popcorn, and watch the sparks fly. Sheesh.

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