On Being Brave

Eloquently written, deeply meaningful. Re-read it to understand. Thanks Zoie, I had to share this


water bowlI have a wild pool of water that has beautiful unpredictable ripples. It reflects a golden light that is more beautiful than anything I have ever seen. The patterns it creates are always changing and endlessly fascinating. I gaze at it with love.

I found the perfect bowl put the pool in. So I scooped up the water. But, my perfect bowl was too small to fit all the water in the pool. Some of it spilled out and was lost. In horror, I poured the water back into the pool.

There is a little less light reflected. There are fewer ripples.

Every time I look at the pool, I see the lack at the sides of the pool. The light and the ripples are a little less and always will be because of my own lack.

I made a mistake that I can never entirely fix.

I mourn for…

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