New therapist: thumbs up

I like her. We jumped right in to explore my overeating. She said to focus on meals first and we’ll tackle the night snacks and binges later.

She thinks I’m overeating during dinner due to my hectic pace of life. She said I have given myself permission to relax during dinner and that I may be getting second servings to extend meal time and delay getting back to whatever els my full schedule demands.

Hmmm. I like it. I know I’m stressed. I know I don’t get enough down time. So maybe I think I need a full plate to stay at dinner and enjoy the conversation? My office is in my dining room.


So she wants me to try giving myself time to talk and enjoy dinner-a set time that is for fun so I dont feel I must eat and get right back to work. I think I’ll try slowly sipping my drink after the plate is empty-like I do when out with friends.

She also wants me to schedule-on my calendar like my meetings-relax time every day. She thinks I’m so reliant on my calendars and to-do lists that I stopped doing anything not on the calendar. She said 1 hour each day needs to be for me and it needs to happen before my 10pm tv binge time.


So I need to schedule time for yoga, painting or playing a game. I can do that.

She is not as good at ending the session as my other therapist. She is too abrupt. My other one always gave me clues like closing her notebook, giving me honework, scooching forward in her chair and then standing up when time was up. This one just said “times up. See you next week” like screeching the needle on the record.

She asks very direct questions. I would have hated her 10 years or even 3 years ago. She is not gentle or delicate about triggers and I would have been a mess. But now with all my growth and progress she may be what I need to move forward again.

But I miss my old therapist terribly. It actually hurts. But I am doing my best to be a big girl and accept this substitute. Like when they’re out of salmon at the restaurant. Cod is good but not what you wanted.


2 thoughts on “New therapist: thumbs up

  1. I miss my last counselor, and it’s been three or four years. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. It’s a reminder it was a good choice. Good things end and so do bad things. You are doing awesome! Go you!

  2. It’s a massive change but I applaud your determination to move forward and it’s a bonus that you like the temp Therapist. I liked how you wrote about the entire process in your last post. It definitely shows the trust you have for your Therapist

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