Having a Joey kind of day. Actually having a Joey kind of year so far.

My life is transforming so quickly now that all I can say is Woah!

I just got off the phone with my new partner, I passed the next test given to me by my new VP to promote me another level. I was so full of doubts I almost didn’t turn anything in to them, but Hubby saved me – again. He really needs to stop being so wonderful or I don’t know how to make it up for him. Hubby has a degree in business management, he works in production and manages work orders daily. I asked him to look at my task and help me get started. He did that. Then I asked him to review my suggestions. He did that and He said if I gave that many suggestions to his boss, his boss would do back flips.

Guess what? My boss did back flips today. Woah!

Turns out my ability to digest huge amounts of information, and over analyze every little thing to death, is actually a useful skill in the business world! Years of nitpicking myself and striving for perfection has given me a superior talent for spotting inefficiencies and suggesting better ways.

Yes I am poking fun at myself while I pat myself on the back, because this is funny to me in a oh the universe loves balance and irony kind of way. See? I don’t have a mental illness, I just had a misapplied talent. So I will now be over analyzing workflows and turning my inner critic outwards against what needs done to improve my new company. My overclocked memory from PTSD seems to help me store new info easily. My tendency to know people well, learning about strengths and weaknesses and moods – in place to protect me – helps me to be a great manager and delegate and/or train effectively. My obsessive attention to detail has a purpose now and can ease off of only looking inward.

They are already implementing changes based on my suggestions – AND – giving me credit and kudos for it. Unlike my last employer that greedily sucked up all my ideas, gave me no credit, and ridiculed me publicly.

I have learned so much and my brain is happily buzzing along on the ‘I learned something new’ high. I don’t think this job could ever get boring, since I am being hired to constantly be looking for improvement.

AND I found out that everyone in my department from my previous employer has been terminated. That sharky CEO did exactly what I thought she was up to when I quit – using everyone and stringing them along until she would cut them loose and take every extra cent for herself. She doesn’t care if the company goes belly up, she’ll just move on like she has several other times. I can’t believe I abandoned ship at the right time!

My new employer owns the company, no external investors. He is vested in the success personally and wants to see his baby grow. I trust my new captain, and it seems he wants me to be co-captain or first mate or whatever seaworthy term makes sense here. Does that make me Gilligan or the Professor? Time will tell I guess.   ;0

I still feel strong. I still feel happy. I still feel loved. And I can’t wait to see how this all unfolds.



4 thoughts on “Woah!

  1. I found my nitpickiness was helpful with computers. I like your “misapplied talents.” Awesome that you moved forward and found something different. I am happy with you. 🙂

  2. I like your comment about over-analyzing everything to death to be funny as I can so relate!! I guess we all have “misapplied talents” (my new phrase for the day!)

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