oh my I have goosebumps


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I am bubbling over with excitement! Life is going to get easier for my family and for my sis-in-law. My sis-in-law got the job! My current job will be hers. I am so happy this worked out, so she can quit her cleaning job that is killing her neck, knees, and back and have a cushy desk job from home. She has never worked from home, so it will be an adjustment, but I think she will love it. She has anxiety and panic attacks and I think will have less stress.

My boss made me an offer for my new role before he gave my job to SIL. He planned out my entire year as a fast track to executive level management with raises at each step. I accepted it!

He is giving me an immediate 50 % raise for any projects I work on outside my current hours.
Then when SIL starts in 2 weeks, I will get that new rate for all my hours and be back to a flexible schedule.
Then in 1-3 months he said another 20% raise when he brings me on full time as a director.
Then he said in 6 months of being full time he sees me as an exec in operations, working directly for VP and President and managing many projects and directors. He can promise at least another 20% raise at that time to get me to the rate I asked him for.
So by the end of the year I will be making as much as my husband. And if they can do this so quickly, who knows where I can go after that.
This was not a vague “I’ll see what I can do” like I had from my previous employer. This was an offer, and I believe him. My head is swirling with possibilities, thinking of all the bills I can pay off, home repairs we can schedule, trips we can plan. I’m tingly thinking we may finally have an end in sight of all the financial stress of the last decade.
Twelve years ago I sank into a terrible depression, lost my job, and attempted suicide. The loss of income and medical bills forced us into bankruptcy. We’ve been digging ourselves out of the hole for so long, that I can’t even imagine what it looks like up there.
I have goosebumps – my skin feels electric as I allow myself to dream, and as I realize that I made this happen.
Quitting my job in December was so scary. Accepting a lower paying job at the end of January felt desperate. But if I hadn’t been willing to take this leap of faith, I’d be stuck in my old position and resentful every day. I decided it was time for a change and that I was strong enough, my marriage was strong enough, to get us through whatever unknowns lay ahead. And I was right.
While still employed last year, I filled out applications occasionally, spending a few hours a week on my job hunt. After I quit, I spent about 10 hours a day searching for positions, rewriting my resume and all those cover letters. I lost count to how many I actually applied to, and only heard back from a handful. I almost didn’t apply to my current position, not wanting the pay cut, but after 6 weeks of no pay, a little less pay was looking better than nothing. I was embarrassed by my new title, feeling it was beneath me, and although I knew it was honorable to support my family, it was strongly affecting my precarious self worth.
I took a chance on the cover letter, and specifically said that I would be willing to accept the posted rate if there was room for advancement, that I would be willing to start at the bottom and work my way up. My boss said that is why he called me first, that and my experience.
My new boss doesn’t care that I don’t have a business degree or master’s degree of any sort. He only cares about what I can do, and the value that I will bring to his company. I have more experience in education and specifically online education than he does. He loves my ideas and critical thinking. And he loves my blunt style of speaking up, making suggestions. I told him I won’t ruffle any feathers unless he wants me to, and then I am particularly talented in shaking things up.
So the plan is to keep training me about current procedures, have me take on a new role for a week or 2, then have me improve the process and create the training courses for someone else to take over while I move on to the next process. I LOVE this idea. I get to learn everything, see the details and the big picture, and I will have worked in every spot that I will later direct. I get to learn something new, teach it to others, and make life easier by simplifying and trimming hairy processes.
I am so ready to be amazing and get paid for it too.
Bring it on. I got this!



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