my brain is fun

Or my brain is bored. Or my brain is just an a$$hole.

I’ve been feeling good, feeling strong, handling life and even enjoying it.

So my brain stirred up a good dose of obsession. But try again, I can handle the obsessive thoughts and actions, I have tools for working around them.

So my brain tried again and this is a new kind of fun, something I have not seen in quite a while. Either an ocular migraine or aura before a migraine, I am seeing cool floating lines everywhere. They shimmer and dance and would actually be entertaining and beautiful if I wasn’t trying to read my new procedural notes at work.

So this blog is short, too many red underlines as I type in between the lines that only I can see.

Off to lay down I guess and ice my head. I literally need to chill out. Migraines are always my physical signal to rest – or else. If I push through them, it can escalate to violent vomiting and days of pain.

What’s bothering me is I don’t think I’m doing too much, so where is this coming from? Punishment for feeling strong?

Likely just allergies and weather change from 80 to snow to I think about 60 today.


4 thoughts on “my brain is fun

  1. Aftermath of the jelly beans, which were only a symptom of feeling out of control, at least that’s my guess. I see flashing lights before a migraine. Nasty things. I become really cold before my body shuts down, i.e., can’t think, can’t do anything. Easiest to lay down and pull on a blanket. Allergies and fluctuating temperatures are more stress. Take care of you. Be nice to you. I wish I could offer something helpful for dealing with it. I don’t know any tricks but through.

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