Action makes stuff happen

I have noticed that when I am busy, or very involved with ACTION I am less inclined to write about it or take photos. When I am busy living, I lose track of the documenting. Many of my best memories do not have photos because my natural reaction to is take it all in with amazement, not to see it all through my viewfinder. It seems that blogging is the same way, when I am in motion, life takes over and my need for analysis goes down.

I am in action mode right now.

The VP of my new job, new since the end of January, has asked me to tackle a few projects based on my skills listed on my resume. Each one has been a test, and so far I am passing each one smurfily. The first ones were simple word doc graphic layout and form creation. Easy peasy, pop in some images to reinforce branding, zap in some tables, done. Next was to tackle some training needs for new hires. Hmm, ok, I just need to learn your LMS platform, your recording software, research optimal avi codecs, jazz up some powerpoints, create some quizzes, and we’re good to go. No big deal.

Apparently this was a big deal. The thing is I didn’t ask for help, he assigned a project, I did the research, contacted team members as needed, and got the job done. Everyone was so supportive, and I was amazed at how easily they gave me licensed software to complete my job professionally. Here’s a company laptop, here’s a new headset, here’s some video recording/editing software, here’s the password to our VPN, use our tech support to get everything connected and installed if you need them . . . (my last job would balk at a $20 fee for a pdf converter and make us live without it or buy it ourselves)

Apparently I also got the job done in  a way they never envisioned but truly appreciate. I am being showered with praise and being tagged for many future projects.

Awesome right? Well sort of. I am doing these projects at my initial hiring rate, the rate I accepted for answering their phone, not for doing what I do. So I find myself somewhat conflicted and hear myself telling the VP that I am happy to do any project they have in mind, and that I have several ideas of my own as well, but that my current rate is not adequate for those tasks.

Guess what? He said “you’re right. I have a position in mind for you – but first we need to hire your replacement, someone to answer those phones and free you up to help us out. I’d like you to start interviewing next week and hopefully have your replacement within a month. The president/CEO has been looking for someone like you for years, and from what I have seen so far, I think we finally found you. He needs an executive special projects manager, someone to work directly with him and steer projects as our company continues to grow. Someone who has vision, experience in this business, but also can do the research, present ideas, and then run with it through completion with minimal hand holding. Once we have you in the new position, we will adjust your rate to match your skills.”

What? What the what? Pinch, am I dreaming?

2 months at this new job and they are seeing in me what my previous job failed to see, or rather, failed to act upon, in 11 years of service.

I am beyond excited, and so hopeful that I may actually get to use my brain and get paid at a level that would provide peace and security to my family, and an end to debt collectors calls. I have seen the pay rates they have for other positions and it is easy to see they value and invest in their workers. wow.

Icing on this dreamy cake is that I may be able to give my current job to my sis-in-law and free her from housekeeping hell. Although has a degree, she was forced to accept a cleaning job that had the flexibility she needed to be home with kids when needed. I am so hopeful this all works out and she gets to stay home to work, and rest her aching joints instead of crawling around all day tidying and scrubbing.



12 thoughts on “Action makes stuff happen

  1. Easy Peasy! Way to go. This is so heartening to read, I just wanted to say, “congratulations on such smurfingly fine energy.” :0


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