Throwing Life a Curve Ball

Usually Life throws those curve balls at me, so I decided to switch that up. I have done something new and completely out of character for myself, as an experiment, to see what happens.

I joined a fitness club! What??? Yes I did.

It is called Curves and is only for women. You go for 30 minutes a day, as many days a week as you can. You do cardio and hydraulic resistance machines in a circuit, and the machines chart your progress on a little computer key card and keep you working towards a goal. I had my consultation yesterday and today is my first workout, and I am surprised to find that I am looking forward to it.

My primary goal is to get stronger, secondary is to lose some weight. I am so close to a healthy BMI now and I so badly want that Wii Fit character to announce I am normal and not overweight. With everything else abnormal, that would be a huge accomplishment  and such a comfort. I am hopeful that I can get stronger and maybe life won’t hurt so much, like if my muscles are stronger maybe I won’t pull my back and joints out of place so easily and suffer for days because I did something so crazy as lift a laundry basket.

Why I think this program will work for me, why I chose it out of the many options:

  • It is only for women, huge comfort in that
  • It is highly structured
  • It is highly varied, I never do the same thing for more than 60 seconds (ADD heaven!)
  • Positive and supportive atmosphere – everyone there chose to be there to get healthier
  • The women come in and are focused, minimal chit chat
  • No locker room, get in and out, no nakedness, and also minimal chit chat
  • It is close to my home
  • It is far enough away from home that I will not be a hermit
  • It is expensive – I will go as much as possible so I don’t feel like I wasted money
  • I enjoy my Wii Fit time everyday and wanted to add weights
  • I don’t want to be like my older female relatives, overweight, have huge amounts of pain, bone density loss, diabetes, and flappy underarms, so I need to get off that path right now
  • I want to feel proud of myself and chart my progress with measurable numbers
  • I am doing this for me, because I want to take care of me
  • Hubby is on board and ready to be here with kids
  • They let me sign up for 1 month, no contract
  • It is low impact, easy on my knees and back
  • I saw women in their 60’s doing it, so I should be able to manage
  • I also saw women in their 20’s doing it, and getting out what they put it
  • I’m ready to feel the burn!
  • I’m ready to kick some butt!
  • I’m ready to have a cute butt! (blush)

Watch out Life, here I come (cue some sort of Rocky type of theme music here)

Disclaimer – (No, I am not as excited as all of this, I wish I was. I actually feel kind of meh, kind of blah, very tired, and actively squashing doubts and battling anxiety. But I am going to do this anyway and see what happens. I’m trying this motivated me on for size. I am going to give it my all for 1 month, hopefully more, but I built in a limit to get myself to do it.)




8 thoughts on “Throwing Life a Curve Ball

  1. Heeey good for you my friend! I actually joined Curves after I had Colt to lose the baby weight and it worked very well. I could use some of that weight loss right about now actually.

    I hope you like it. I always dreaded going, never felt like it and made a big deal where there was no need, however, each time I managed to get there I felt fantastic afterward…proud too. I’ll bet your dancing body will love to tone those muscles. xxx

  2. Yay! As someone who took up the fitness baton in the last year, I can say it really has helped me mentally. Endorphins are my friends. Don’t get too discouraged when you start — in my experience the first few weeks sort of suck until you gain a little fitness and confidence.

  3. Love the list. For the three reasons you stated: It is close to my home
    It is far enough away from home that I will not be a hermit
    It is expensive – I will go as much as possible so I don’t feel like I wasted money

    These were on mine too. 🙂

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