Life in a Blender

Life has been way too lifelike lately. So much thrown at me so quickly. I feel like I’m trapped in a blender, all my senses and events chopped up and mixed up in the most confusing and unappetizing way. I mean if you throw something terrible, like rotten apples, into your smoothie, it will put a bad taste over everything, overshadow the juicy pineapples and bananas.

Speaking of bananas, yup, that’s me. The rotten apples is all the health troubles we’ve had this year. I do have pineapples to be thankful for though. I’ve accepted a new job, still working from home. It was a wonderful month away from my stressful job, but as the bills keep coming in, I feel like I have to be reliably employed. I don’t want to be the reason we can’t go out to eat or see that new movie.

I’m not giving up on art and writing, but going to do both part time. I’ve been creating new things almost daily and getting good feedback so far. I have no idea what is next, but I don’t mind those kinds of surprises.

Those rotten apples though, need to just go away already. I have 3 kids home sick yesterday and today. One is vomiting, the others are coughing. Nothing seems serious, we got the old “just some virus” diagnosis. I’m terrified my youngest will start vomiting and end up in the hospital again, so keeping him away from the other kids as best I can in my tiny house.

And this weather needs to just settle down. It keeps swinging from -40 to +40, nearly overnight. We all have headaches, sinus trouble, and viruses running rampant. My poor old house is leaking heat so badly my furnace never gets to turn off. I neglected to put up the plastic over the windows this fall and we are paying for it now. You can’t see our living room furniture under all of the blankets. The only good part of this breezy house is that we’re safe from CO poisoning, it could never build up in here!

I’m trying to settle into some routine, but life is coming at me too quickly these days. I’m not sure I should have accepted this new job so soon, maybe held out for something better. Too many decisions and I just feel bananas.

English: SCB Bananas

See, there I am typing this post (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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5 thoughts on “Life in a Blender

  1. Like has a way of slamming us with too much sometimes, but one way or another, we figure out a way through it. Keep hanging in there, and just pushing forward. Things will settle down for your again, and you’ll be able to step out of the blender. 🙂

  2. I’ve read the posts of several friends on FB, and quite a few of them are struggling with illnesses. They’re located all over the country. Praying for health and strength and wisdom for you and yours.

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