More Worries for Mom

Still at the hospital with my little guy. I think we made it through the latest crisis. I couldn’t write about it while it was happening because the words were too scary and real.

My boy had terrible tummy pain and was rolling and screaming and nonstop heaving even though his belly was empty hours ago.

Then he urinated pure blood. Later They said no urine was present in that sample for analysis. Pure blood. I gave the specimin cup to the nurse and managed not to pass out when I saw the panic on her face.

An xray showed nothing abnormal. An ultrasound showed distended kidneys and gall bladder and fluid surrounding his organs. They wanted a ct scan but he was unable to drink the dye without vomiting. He was still screaming in pain.

They gave him morphine and antinausea meds and he settled into a light sleep. Several hours passed like this with still calling out in pain and vomiting.

And then the worst night of our lives began. He was not producing urine yet so they gave him a foley catheter thinking the blood may have caused an obstruction. Another hour with no urine and he started to breathe heavily like he was congested. This quickly escalated into respiratory distress with full rails and belly breathing. Nurse grabbed pulse ox and he was at 73. 73! He needed oxygen NOW. Nurse called code something and opened an emergency box with oxygen mask similar to an airplane one. His ox level went to 80.

All at once his room was full: doctors, nurses, xray, respiratory therapists. Xray showed fluid filling his lungs. His kidneys had shut down and all the iv fluid needed to go somewhere else in his body and filled his lungs. He was literally drowning from the inside.

They gotva different ox mask that could deliver a higher percntage of oxygen. But he was struggling to breathe still. Hubby and i took turns sitting in his bed holding upright to keep his oxygen levels up. Laying downg made the fluid to hard to push against. It was time to go to the icu. Again.

At the icu i was warned he may need a breathing tube if he couldnt maintain oxygen. They were giving him pressurized air at 25 psi and 60% oxygen. He still dropped under 90 and wearing out. He could not keep that up and it was stressful on his heart. It was time for a breathing machine called bipap.

It was so scary. I kept leaving the room to cry. He was comfortable now and getting enough ox without working so hard. But the image of his tiny body so helpless and motionless with that huge mask strapped on his head. Hubby and i both cried at that sight.

Moving on more quickly, so you dont suffer with waiting like I did. His breathing improved, he started to urinate and was released from icu.

He is now breathing all on his own, they removed catheter, kidneys are functioning, and we are about to go walk the hospital halls for his first time walking this year.


8 thoughts on “More Worries for Mom

  1. I cannot imagine how terrifying it must be for all of you. Keeping you on my prayers list for strength and courage and healing for your son and wisdom and inspiration for the medical personnel involved in your little one’s care.

  2. Omgosh my friend, hang in there. He is in the best place right now and under care. They will react quickly if he falls into distress again. This must be hell to go through but you are doing so well, being strong for him. I’m glad hubby is there too and you are working together to make sure your little guy is comfortable and on the mend.

    Thank you for posting this – I was so worried and wanted to reach out but I wasn’t sure you’d need me fussing over you…. Take it slow, he’ll be weakened right now but will improve quickly if the crisis has passed. Do they know what is causing all of this?

    • They don’t know what is wrong and are ordering every test they can think of. One of his amino acids levels is high, had to send that test to mayo clinic. We thoughr we were going home but doctor just ordered no food or drink so i have no idea what is next now. Thanks for the support. I am so weary and just want to sleep. But I am his only distraction right now so I have to keep playing cards and games. Hubby went home this morning feeling sick, so just me today. I hate leaving him because they always mix up something like try to draw blood from a new poke when he has a picc for that. Nurses and techs get and follow orders without checking his chart or his body. Too many nurses for them all to keep up on the latest.

      • I know it’s exhausting but you’re right to stay with him. You will be able to protect him from so much, if you are there. Can you pull up a chair and nap with him when he sleeps? Any rest you can get will help….

        I wish I was closer to you. I’d come and take a shift so you could sleep for a few hours.

        Please, I know it’s silly to think of it, but make sure you are eating a little and drinking lots of water. I know it’s against nature right now to think of yourself, but to stay strong for you little man, it’s important.

        As for the emotional stress, If I could take it from you, I would. You know you can email me if you want to fall apart a little in text. I’ll do whatever I can from here.

        I cannot stop thinking of you and your beautiful little family. I’m sure things will work out well because you’re so aware of what’s happening and so dedicated to your kids. You’re doing an amazing job, holding up.

        I hate not being able to help. If there is *anything* I can do, please do not hesitate to reach for me. You don’t even have to ask…just write. xox

  3. Dear R2B, Thanks for keeping us all updated. I must admit, reading this had me in tears (I have a little boy about your son’s age). I am so, so sorry you all are struggling with this. Sending you all lots of prayers for healing and strength and courage. I am hoping the figure out what is wrong soon.
    Hugs, Jessie

  4. Hoping the doctors find the cause and a cure. Time in hospital is rough, time in ICU is rougher. Thank you for sharing and letting us know he is improving.

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