My Happy Ring Finger

Hubby surprised me with a new wedding band for Christmas. It was all very sweet and romantic and absolutely perfect.

Once the kids were in bed Christmas Eve, and all of the gifts wrapped and ready and placed around the tree, I went upstairs to get ready for bed. I came back down and found him with a bottle of wine (the bottle we bought together at our anniversary dinner at the winery) and 2 glasses, and a loving look in his eye. I sat with him and enjoyed the wine, attention, and feeling so close to him. He asked if I wanted my gift now. I said yes, if he wanted to give it to me now. I had no idea what he was up to. Then I felt something cool on the back of my neck, as he traced the ring behind my ear and across my neck to the front where I could see it. He put it on my finger, showed me his new band on his finger, and then we just sat there, cuddling and snuggling. I accepted his love, and I feel it. I finally feel it.

We have not had wedding bands for a few years now. His was destroyed at work, and I never actually had a plain band. I used to wear my antique engagement ring with a shaped wire band. My engagement ring, bought when I was 18, no longer fits me, and it would always worry me to wear it while cleaning or painting. The shaped band only looked right paired with the other, not alone. I mentioned a few times to Hubby I wanted a plain band that I could wear comfortably all of the time and that I missed ‘looking married’ when we were out.

It’s white gold, which is actually difficult to find these days. It feels so good to wear it and have that feeling of connection to Hubby. I can feel it there and it reminds me Hubby cares even when he isn’t in the room.

My ring finger is happy!

My ring finger


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