Holiday Greetings from a Psychopath


I have to share the email my abusive father has sent to all of his children. I guess I choose door #2. I am happy he is leaving my brother’s home. I am happy he is leaving the state. I am happy he is going to a senior living community. I am not happy he is going to be alone, but I don’t feel any guilt, as he has done this to himself. We have all given him so many chances to be a part of our lives, and all he has done is hurt us repeatedly. He is done pretending to be charming and shows his true ugly colors now. So this is one more attempt to hurt us and make us feel guilty, and if you’re fluent in psychopath like I am, you will also recognize the attempt to tear us siblings apart again by implying that one or more of us may choose #3. He doesn’t understand that these attempts are futile, and that what worked in the past, on his young children, no longer works on his adult children. We all see him for what he is. We all tried to help him and move past our history. We all see he is incapable of human emotion, feels no remorse, is incapable of change, and is a truly hurtful person. I believe very few of these people actually exist in the world. His brain is not wired to his heart. He is incurably cold. And unlike the Grinch, seeing us all happy and singing does not make his heart grow, it makes him angrier. He used to feed on our pain and sadness – he was happiest when we were all suffering.

Here’s his message to his own children, that I found in my inbox last night cc’d to all my siblings:

Just a quick word to friends, family, and local email folks:

I bought a place to live in central Pennsylvania and will be moving there tomorrow if the weather holds.

 I suppose this is addressed to three categories of persons.

 1.      Those who could care less, and if it is you quit reading now because it just doesn’t matter.

2.      Those who are glad to see me go, and if it is you, then you just got an early Christmas gift. Hooray for you.

3.      Those who will miss me and prefer I stay, and if it is you, I already know it and will see you in the future. 

Here’s hoping celebrating the birth of Christ brings you peace and Joy…


I am sorry for any who may cross his path in central PA, but otherwise I do feel peace and joy as I celebrate Christmas with my beautiful family, that I make sure knows every day that I love them. Even though I have a hole in my heart where parental love and support should be – I have found it in myself to give exactly that to my own children. Their biggest concern today is which flavor of candy cane to eat first, and if the gingerbread cookie they decorate should have a bowtie, buttons, or a hat. They hugged Santa yesterday and believe in the magic of Christmas, even though the oldest knows Santa himself isn’t real, she still had to hug him. Because they also believe in themselves – because they were never told not to.

I kiss them each night and watch them fall quickly asleep, safe and secure. They do not know the fear and pain of neglect and abuse. I pray they never will.

I am hopeful that this will be the last attack from my abusive father, but I am doubtful he will let us all go. It is in his blood to torment us. But these words are just words, and no longer hold power over me. They make me sad, of course, give me that empty feeling of longing, that fleeting wish that things could be different. But it is fleeting, and only exist at all because I am not a psychopath, and not completely immune to the feelings of others. His power is gone, because I am starting to believe in myself, and when I don’t, when I falter, I have so many others right there that do believe me in me now, from my blogger friends to those in my real life.

I am loved, and feel truly blessed.


13 thoughts on “Holiday Greetings from a Psychopath

  1. Yikes! That is a pretty awkward email. I’m really glad that you do not feel guilt about his situation and that you and your siblings are all on the same page. He clearly is passive aggressive- my dad is the SAME way. He writes nasty emails calling my sister, mom and me names and then signs off with “love you and miss you”. It is sick, but I am so glad that you feel like he doesn’t have power over you. I hope you and have a peaceful and relaxing holiday!!!

  2. Good riddance to bad rubbish. I’m so proud of you for choosing to be a chain breaker (breaking the chain of abuse). I am so happy for you for recognizing the sadness of loss but not allowing it to rule your life. I am grateful to be blessed with you in my life. You are amazing.

  3. Amazing job dealing with this! You enjoy every moment of this Season with your beautiful children and husband, all of whom love you as openly and unconditionally as you love them! You inspire me often, my friend.

    Merry Christmas! xx

  4. Dear Roots, I know this man has caused you deep suffering, and I do not take that lightly. I must
    say though that seen from outside his net of evil, his email is actually hilarious. He just sounds like a pathetic asshole. I hope you don’t mind my writing that (feel bad saying it about someone else’s father). The sign off about the birth of Christ bringing you peace and joy–that’s icing! That’s how an openly aggressive and a world-class passive aggressive person says “*%$* you.” Enjoy the holiday and thank goodness your father is moving out of your life, hopefully for good.

    • I agree completely. You see this as it is, he is a pathetic a$$hole. He no longer has power over scared children so he resorts to passive aggressive attempts like this now. And yes, I got his final message loud and clear. The dots at the end were priceless, like we were supposed to fill in the blanks with our own guilty conscience I guess. Thanks for your comment, it helps me to know that he is so transparent to strangers. Happy holidays to you too!

  5. So delightful to read, “these words are just words, and no longer hold power over me.” Congratulations, this is such a powerful step. I am happy that you are giving to your children what you did not receive. That is wonderful. Cheering over at my computer.
    Hoping for a wonderful New Year for you and your family of choice.

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