Magic 8 Ball

Whirling. I only need that one word to describe my life right now. At first I thought it was like the spin cycle of the washer, but now I know what it is.

67 of 365+1 Part Three- Dusty Magic 8 Ball, wi...

(Photo credit: Pahz)

I am inside a magic 8 Ball. I am that object inside that floats about as the ball shakes, whirling and twirling and waiting to settle on an answer. My life’s direction has so many possibilities.

Should I keep this current job for its stable income and suffer through the stress?
All signs point to No.

Should I quit my job?

Should I find a new job?
It is unclear.

Should I do something I enjoy every day?
Without a doubt.

Can I make money from doing something I enjoy?
Outlook good.

OK Magic 8 Ball. I always take important life changing advice from my gimmicky toys, so in just a few more days, I will be free from the life-sucking, parasitic job that was consuming me. I now have more options open to me than I ever knew about in college. I clearly see so many paths laid out before me. I’m not going to go running down any one path just yet. Instead I plan to take the first steps down a few of them and see what happens. I am going to go far enough to say I have actually explored that path, not just a few tentative baby steps. I mean I am going to leap and climb and work and see if that path feels right or will go where I want. Actually I plan to travel a few paths simultaneously, so I guess my metaphor died. It’s more like an octopus with a fishy snack in each tentacle – but I am super creeped out by octopi and tentacles, so I’m not comparing my life to that either.

Paths to explore (fishy snacks to try):

fine art, produce framed art and prints
gift art, produce cute, quick items with hand-painted embellishments
folk art, paint on anything – rusty saws, log sections, slate
illustrations, submit drawings for books or magazines
public art, submit proposals

blogging, write professional blog posts for corporations, institutions
magazines, submit articles
books, submit or self-publish
poetry, greeting cards
research, technical writing and data analysis

Boring, yet reliable:
Data entry
customer service




3 thoughts on “Magic 8 Ball

  1. Follow the breadcrumbs. All along the way, there have been certain little things leading you along, but you may not have been aware of them. I did a lot of looking back to see what led me to where I am now. Everything kept trailing to the writing. When I was at a crossroads (writing or transcribing), I sat down and opened my journal. I wrote out all the little things I’d taken for granted. The open doors, the windows, the doors that closed. Scared silly but even still living in the insanity I do I’m happy. If I think about the future, I freeze in terror. I concentrate on today, what I can do right now. It’s doable. Praying for you. And if you decide to pursue the writing, I know a little bit about it and would be happy to tell you what I know. It won’t take long. 🙂 If nothing else, I can tell you about blogs like “editors and predators.”

    • I would welcome all and any advice from you Judy! I was thinking of emailing you to see if you had any tips for me to get started and get published. It seems to me the first step is to write something worth publishing, so I was going to start there. I love your plan of just ‘concentrate on today’ because the possibilities can be overwhelming otherwise. I think I finally found my metaphor: I’m going to scatter a hundred seeds and see which one(s) take root. I have been researching and finding places to submit art and writing, options for freelance work, etc.

      • Please feel free to email me. Consider what seeds are already blooming. They’ll be a good indicator of where you want to go. I never planned to actually publish until around 2005, and then I was only dabbling in contemporary, kind of. Someone I didn’t know liked my LOTR fan fiction and suggested I write a Historical for publication. I didn’t think I could but figured I could try. In 2007, I submitted the manuscript and was rejected, based on the query letter, which I admit was horrible, now that I know better. I was disappointed, devastated. One of my author friends wrote me a congratulatory letter, informing me I now had proof positive I had accomplished a feat few people ever do: I wrote the book. It qualified me for PRO status with RWA. I put the book aside. A new group offered a contest and were desperate for entries. I figured, Why not? I submitted and didn’t do well. However, the judges offered feedback, which was invaluable. I re-wrote the book. I sought the help of my RWA Chapter and prepped it to re-submit. I submitted, and they asked for a full manuscript. I’d done a lot of homework and decided I didn’t want to publish with this company. I ended up praying they’d reject me. I remember the night I told my sister I was praying they rejected me. The next day, I received the rejection email, and I cheered. I was relieved and grateful and on the hunt for a new publisher. I talked to another writing friend, and she suggested Desert Breeze. I checked out their site, requirements, and knew I’d found home. I submitted the manuscript and the proposal for a trilogy. Within a week, I received an acceptance. They were looking for more submissions, so I offered my Vintage series, which they also accepted. I decided to self-publish the novellas for several reasons: I wanted complete control. I wanted to use my editor. I wanted to use my sister’s pictures. I wanted to be able to publish to paperback when I wanted, and the novellas were too short to submit to my publisher. And here we are. 🙂 I feel like I’ve blown open the doors I thought were closed to me. I’m doing what I want to do and what I’m good at doing. “Follow your heart, but take your brain along.” 😉

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