Mission Complete: Birthday Girl Ecstatic

We did it. We survived a tween girl party in our home.

Hubby was simply amazing and I can’t thank him enough for helping to make this day so special. He took a day off work and finished the woodwork and flooring in my daughter’s room. He made his wonderful homemade pizza dough and so many topppings so the girls could all ‘order’ their favorite pizza – they loved that! He kept the youngest little guy calm and busy while I tended to the girls.

The girls were quiet at first, being a morning party, so I put on KidBopz radio while they decorated the picture frames. About 3-4 songs played, and as luck would have it, Cha Cha Slide came on. They learn this dance in gym class at school, so they all start looking at each other, but no one starts. So I did! Yes, my tween is not yet a teen, so I could start a dance party without completely embarrassing her. I clapped and hopped and lead them into the family room where they all danced and giggled and for realz got funky with it.

Here’s a video of the song in case you are not familiar. It’s like this generation’s electric slide. I don’t know the kids in the video, just found this as an example so you can picture 6 girls doing this in my family room.

After the dance, they finished their frames and we started the photo shoot. I actually stole some shots while they were dancing and my new camera captured the fun with no blurring! I took individual shots of each girl, and then some group ones where they all had mustaches and serious faces, and some with boas, jewels and feathers. They were all giggling the entire time – I was too!

Then my girl took them up to her room, where they all oohed and aahhed over it, and they made loom band bracelets for each other. Then they played Headbandz, where each girl gets a picture in a headband that the group can see but the girl wearing it does not know what she has. They have to ask questions to figure out what is on their own head. Much more giggling here.

Then we had pizza, a huge hit – Thanks again Hubby!

Then it was time to open gifts. One of the girls gave my daughter a set of BFF necklaces, so they each put one on and my girl looked like she wanted to cry she was so happy, and I left the room and did cry a happy tear or two.

Then it was time for cake and ice cream, and by this time all the girls were acting like best friends, even though they were from different schools and many had just met today.

I printed the photos while the girls ate and chatted, and sent them home with one in the frame, and several wallet sized candid shots.

It was awesome. It was perfect. I am so happy I was able to provide this day to my girl, one she will never forget.



9 thoughts on “Mission Complete: Birthday Girl Ecstatic

  1. It sounds like they had fun, and it was a success, for sure … and I’m sure it feels good to know that what you envisioned for her resembles what she actually experienced … has to give you a real sense of satisfaction, and makes your heart happy. And Happy belated Birthday to the birthday girl. 🙂

    • Yes exactly, very satisfying to know my little family chipped in, worked together, and pulled it off without a hitch. My girl felt loved and like she belongs, which was the main goal. My heart is happy. 🙂

  2. This was wonderful to read. I am so happy for the birthday girl (and you) that it went so well! Congratulations!!

  3. How fun! I recently read the saying that people may not remember what you did or said but they will remember the way you made them feel. What a wonderful memory you’ve given all of them. Woohoo!!

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