Should? Will, Can, Do, Did


Determination (Photo credit: Dana Lookadoo – Yo! Yo! SEO)

When Should rules the mind
No peace can we find
Doubt and indecision
attack with military precision

Should be easy.
Should be fine.

Should it?

Should have done this.
Should have said that.

Should I have?

Should know better.
Should have known.

Should I have seen this coming?

Should get moving.
Should get going.

Should I?


Let go of Should
It does no good
to fret and stew
about what was done and what to do

No more excuses
No more worry
Should is useless
Should is blurry

Make a plan
Act with purpose
Do what you can
Don’t be nervous

From time to time
we all may stumble
But stuck in Should
you just may crumble

Should is full of  failure and shame
Should is weak and full of blame

Say Should no more
And in its stead
Assert your Will
to move ahead

Will be fine.

It was.

Will learn more.

Will get moving.

Will get going.

I Did?

(Should? NO!)




11 thoughts on “Should? Will, Can, Do, Did

    • That’s great advice from your counselor. I think we all fall into the should habit at times. I’m getting better at recognizing it now thankfully, so I don’t get stuck in it for so long or let it spiral into shame and paralysis. It’s tough work rewiring our brains!!

    • Yes I was shoulding myself to death with the party preparations, so needed to regroup. Writing a little poem always seems to get the message across quickly for me and allows me to move on.

  1. Love it. I was shoulded on frequently. Now I choose I want to behave. When ever should rears its ugly head I know someone else is trying to decide for me. May I use this in a post or would you prefer a link?

  2. Love this! I saw this on Ruth’s blog and it was such great timing as I got a ‘should’ e-mail from a family member. Love the comments, ‘should on yourself’. Hugs, TR

    • Yes I value those comments highly, they always add something more to my posts. We have such a great community of support here! I know all too well how an email from family can rip you apart, stay strong. xx

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