Party countdown – 4 days

Not much progress on the house yesterday, but nearly completed the party shopping and planning.

My daughter’s asthma flared up, so had to squeeze in a doctor visit and pharmacy trip. A week of steroids and she should be all better. Turns out quite a few children have asthma symptoms right now, that also have not had any for years. The doctor suspects something environmental, like possibly more mold this year. It has been an odd, rainy year.

I found little wooden picture frames for $1 each. I purchased enough for all the invited girls, along with mucho bling to hot glue on the frames. The plan is to paint and decorate the frames, then take silly photos, then we’ll print out the photos and they can take them home in the pretty frames. We found tiny, sparkly, multi colored and multi shaped gems, mini silk flowers, pearlescent beads, colorful ribbons, and of course glitter to dress up the frames. We also have flowers, boas, and gems to dress up the girls. We will be making mustaches and caption cards on sticks too, but that’s my daughter’s job, not mine.

I bought the rice crispies and marshmallows. She wants to make a few batches, all different colors, and cut out different shapes.

I will be taking photos with my new camera, my reward from my big art job payoff. I’ve never had a decent camera before – ever, so I am excited with my small, yet seemingly powerful Sony Cyber Shot. It has Mega megapixels, and more features than I have had a chance to explore. I can actually take action shots of my kids being kids without any motion blur! And the closeups have amazing detail. I have not printed any yet, but I am sure they will look great.

As soon as I get it all figured out, I’ll be sure to post my own pics here, rather than relying on zemanta all of the time.

Today I will:

  • Move my daughter’s desk back into her room, out of the hallway.
  • Put on her new dust ruffle on her bed
  • Arrange some of her belongings in her room, take others down to the basement
  • Clean the fuzzy fans that I didn’t get done yet
  • hide the piles of paperwork eclipsing my desk

4 thoughts on “Party countdown – 4 days

  1. You are making great progress! I like your list of “to dos” and how you are working through them so well.
    The girls will have a fabulous time!

    • Thank you. The lists help me break things down, usually. Yesterday didn’t go so well, I’m running out of steam I think. But I keep trying to think that the girls will have fun even if I don’t do everything on my list, I’m sure they won’t notice or care.

      • I make lists too like that. I start with the most important things on it first. And then, if time runs out, I just shove things in the closet ;). Those papers can come back out when the guests leave.
        But yes, I doubt the girls will even notice when they have all those fun things to do. You’re doing great!

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