Party countdown – 5 days

Yesterday had a slow start, as I needed to recover from too much fun Saturday night! Funny how an evening of dancing like a zombie has me walking like a zombie the following day. I decided to wear a cute almost 20’s style dress for my costume, meaning I could not hide a knee wrap. My weak leg has something funky going on in the knee, causing general achiness most of the time, and excruciating pain some of the time. Sometimes if my knee is bent too long, it gets locked that way and feels like a knife is jammed under my knee cap. I have to relax it, and use my other foot to push on my ankle and slowly get it to straighten again. No, I have not seen a doctor about this one yet, as it doesn’t happen and doesn’t hurt much if I keep it wrapped/braced.

But I managed to get all the dishes done, vacuum all of downstairs and my daughter’s room, take several extra bins of stuff to the basement, take our old chairs to the basement, and rewash the laundry that I had folded but left in the basket  for my 18 year old cat to mistake as a litter box. Again. (Grr, darn cat)

The flooring is all done and looks great! Most of the trim boards are in place, and a few have been painted. The closet doors are re-installed and painted.

I started clearing the hutch, counters, and tabletops by condensing papers into one huge pile that needs sorted at some later date.

Today I will move her furniture and belongings back into her room, put away the rewashed refolded laundry, and defuzzy the other 2 downstairs ceiling fans.

I applied to 1 more job, got all my transcript pages scanned and uploaded.

Sadly my girl seems to have an asthma flare up from this little cold she had last week, so she’s home with me and we’re off to the doctor in just a bit. She hasn’t had asthma or wheezing like this in nearly 2 years, so it caught us by surprise. And of course now my throat is hurting too, no matter how careful I am, I always get sick when my family does. But I have plenty of tea to survive, and hopefully will be all better for this weekend’s party.

I’m not tackling the bathroom cleaning until later in the week, so it has a chance to stay clean. With my boys, that is a constant battle. Enough said.

Taking stock, I’d say I actually feel a little excited for this party at this point. I’m guessing the panic won’t set in until Friday. (or will this event be panic free? Stranger things have happened in the past year, so I’m not ruling that out)


One thought on “Party countdown – 5 days

  1. I’m tired just reading everything you’ve accomplished. Well done! Maybe instead of panicked you’ll only be excited. “Panic” will feel so left out. 🙂 Praying for the best for you, for good health for you and DD.

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