Party countdown – 7 days

It’s official. I invited people to my house for a party next Saturday. Inside my house. Inside!

I’m not completely freaking out yet, which is good, but I am completely procrastinating and avoiding what needs done, which is bad. So I’m blogging about it to add accountability and force me to face it.

Last weekend I cleaned the dining room, even removed the built up fuzzy nastiness that grows on the ceiling fan blades here from dust and pets. So the dining room is clean, but not tidy. I need to deal with piles of papers yet. I have never found a good system for this, papers pile up no matter what I try. There is too much coming home from kids in school, then my own work notes and references, then bills, then coupons, then invitations and flyers for events, on and on.

Today we are finishing my daughter’s room!! We promised to have it finished so she could show it off to her friends during her party. We worked all week and laid new laminate flooring in there, not an easy job in a crooked old house, but we did it. Had to figure out a way to work with, not against the bowed floor beams. It looks great! I just have 1 more wall that needs a second coat of paint – she chose a soft, lovely lavendar. And then last night we bought crown molding – sort of – we bought skinny strips of flexible boards that will allow us to work around the crooked ceiling/walls (see, we’re learning!). We’re going to put her sliding closet door back on, they’ve been off since she pushed it over and nearly squashed herself when she was a toddler. No more toddlers in my house, so we can start having normal, unsafe features again! She even put her glass figurines on a low shelf where we can see them now, since no one will disturb them. I feel so much more at ease lately knowing my kids are a bit older and less likely to accidentally kill themselves every 2 seconds.

So I’m off to paint!

(And tonight the Thriller zombies have a gig at a local night club, we’re opening for the band to kick off a halloween party! I still laugh that I am a part of this, but it is so much fun!)



5 thoughts on “Party countdown – 7 days

  1. Wow that sounds like a lot of work! I’m sure everything will go just fine. Remember (and I’m quite like you in these things) You’re not expected to have the house so clean it looks like no one lives there. A pile of papers sits somewhere in just about everyone’s house, I think. Many piles, even. I have piles that have been shifted so many times they’ve graduated into boxes (unfiled, mind you) and eventually the wind up in a dark corner of my attic. *You’re not alone. lol…xx

  2. This is great! The Thriller dancing sounds so much fun.

    You are doing a wonderful thing for your daughter. I bet she’s thrilled.

    If you ever figure out a good system for filing all those papers, let me know. They build up in my house too!

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