Conference Call Head Banging


Mute (Photo credit: ~dgies)

What do you do

when too many cooks

spoil the stew?

Do you sit there in silence

though your minds’ eye

is full of violence?




Bang head.


Deep Breath.

With filter in place

but finger on mute,

just in case,

I rejoin the conference call

And say yes, that’s fine

Yes I can do it all

Today, by COB, fine with me.


Yes fine with me to do it all over again because you can’t make up your mind and now invited 4 other people into this project that have no background and less brain matter than you and I’ll continue to listen to how I did exactly what you asked me to do but somehow this is all wrong and wasted my time but I don’t care because you pay me hourly, so I’ll do it again, all over again until it is time to start the next project and redo that one too and if you actually read my email, not just the first line you would already know all of this because I tried to explain it weeks ago but it is my fault you are completely shocked by this news today.


I have no need for pride, just a paycheck.


If there is anything else you need

please let me know


how else I can satisfy you r greed


4 thoughts on “Conference Call Head Banging

  1. YES! Thank you! I needed that rant. My editor is giving me kitten fits. Some of it is good, but sometimes I feel like I’m dealing with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, because some of it makes no sense or is down right horrible. Thank you, again. I feel better. Back to editing. 🙂

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