The Power of Maybe

Sharing a post with a powerful message.

My life used to be so full of problems that I thought life itself was a problem.

My head used to be so full of blame that I was paralyzed to take any action.

Even very young children perform rudimentary e...

This little guy knows that’s him in the mirror, and that he can control things in his world. Why do we lose this ability when we ‘grow up’ ?(Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I remember being like that. I remember dreading waking up each day to my dreary, painful existence devoid of hope. Oh yes I remember.

Somehow, little by little, and step by step, messages like the one in the post I shared started to seep into my frazzled mind and take up residence. The more I read about my own power to make choices and to make changes, the more hope started to grow. (Do I have power too? Is my misery my own fault? Do I have choices? Can I make changes?) This did not happen overnight, no startling epiphany, no music, no light bulb moment like in books and movies. No, for me, everything good started with one tiny, yet powerful, little word – “Maybe”.

I realized I had no proof that life could be better, but I also had no proof that it couldn’t. Maybe it could be better.  Maybe I could make my life better. That little “maybe” gave me hope, and the hope gave me the strength to try. Try what? Try anything. If you don’t know what to do, just do something, try something. Don’t aim for perfection, aim for an improvement.

Life is one long experience because it is one long experiment. An experiment is something you do when you don’t know the answer before you start. Every experiment needs a starting place, and many experiments can have the same outcome from different starting places. It doesn’t matter where or how you start. It only matters that you do start.

Lack of action is the only thing that prevents lack of result.


2 thoughts on “The Power of Maybe

  1. I think that’s part of the power of abusers: They teach their victim there is nothing they can do. If you move one way, they’re there to tell you it’s wrong. If you move another, they again tell you it’s wrong, unless it’s the direction they want you to go. Then you escape them, and it’s terrifying having no direction from them. They aren’t there to “guide” you away from the wrong decisions… Wow. I never saw it that way before. Thanks for the insight, R2B!

    • Yes, child abuse is all about power and making the child feel powerless. Powerless to fight back, to speak up, to change anything, and in many cases, powerless to even think anything else is possible. And like you said, it is actually terrifying to break away into the unknown, the world without abuse seems so open, compared to the small, uber-controlled, yet still chaotic, world we grew up in.

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