Sunny and Blooming


My violets are blooming like crazy and almost glowing in my sunny window – the only plant I can grow because it actually loves to be neglected for long periods.


My weekend alone was wonderful, but honestly a little too short. It took a full day to feel the numbness melt away and start to take in new input and respond to my own signals again.

I decided to start using wii fit again, and had so much fun working up a sweat. It scolded me for being overweight and not using it for over a year. A year! I had no idea it had been that long. I’m going to make sure to use it every day again, many of those activities get me sweating, moving and stretching. But I won’t beat myself up and give up if I miss a day either. No more excuses, no quitting. I have to live in this body for the rest of my life, it is about time I actually move in and make my own.

I decided to give myself a firm 12am bedtime. No excuses. I know earlier would be better, but 12am is better than 2am so I am starting there. I was in bed last night, doing the usual fidgeting and internally complaining that I am not sleepy yet I should just get up. And then the alarm went off at 5:30 am. I slept straight through!! I wasn’t planning to get up until 7am, that early one was hubby’s alarm, but I felt so rested that I stayed up, made some tea for me, a cup for him to go, started tidying the kitchen, read some work emails, and played a computer game – all before the kiddos came downstairs.

Momentum is building. Rhythm is being created. I can do this everyday life thing. Every day. I really can!

I’m learning to listen to myself and parent myself. I think my internal teenager has grown up a bit. I’m learning to stand up for what I need and make it happen to keep myself healthy and balanced. And for the first time ever, I’m approaching my health from a peaceful, non-manic, non-perfectionistic way.


7 thoughts on “Sunny and Blooming

  1. I love violets and can’t grow them. Well, I grow pretty green fuzzy leaves but never a single bloom. And sounds like the weekend was exactly what you needed. Good!

  2. Maybe I can try Wii Fit, something that doesn’t force me out of the house for now. Can I turn off the scold?

    Good for you for setting a bedtime! I recently red an article saying this was a very healthy habit. The same article said take a warm shower before bed, it would help relax you and help you sleep.

    • I wish I could turn off the scold and all the scripted things. It calculates your BMI and if you fall in the overweight category it makes video game loser chime and your your little person looks all sad. Then it helps you set a realistic goal for improvement. It is a really fun way to get moving.

      Bedtime is going to be tough, but I need to be strict on that one. I agree a warm shower is nice and relaxing, but I have a wild head of thick curly hair that does not like to be wet at night or I look like an electrocuted poodle in the morning. Sometimes I put a hot pack on my shoulders and stretch/yoga before bed though. And chamomile tea helps too.

  3. I am new here but can’t remember if I have commented before or not.

    I have started seeing a naturopath and taking the slow train to feeling better. A very, very slow train. All I can say this month is my breasts are not aching as much as they were and my acne is a teeny tiny bit better.

    As for balanced, I need to force a bedtime on myself as well but because I work nights it is almost impossible. meh

    • Welcome! I also try to use natural remedies. I agree with your latest post that doctor’s don’t know enough about our bloodwork or what individual ranges may be. Their guidelines are to spot major deficiencies, not to improve quality of life every day. I struggle to get enough vitamin D, even with huge supplements it does not go up much. Glad you are finding some relief! But working nights is so hard on your body, try to be gentle on yourself when you can, and get extra rest. Take care.

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