Blogging in Borrowed Shower Time

The situation with the creepy brother-in-law has been addressed. No one is in danger, and boundaries are being enforced. My concerns were validated by SIL, by SIL-wife of creepy BIL, by Hubby, and by many bloggers. Thanks to all for listening to my concerns and offering solutions to put my mind at ease and ensure our relatives are safe, and that I can feel safe with my relatives.

Hubby discussed the situation with his sister, found out they have some of their own creepy situations and people they are avoiding in the creepy BIL’s side of the family, and are working on appropriate boundaries. I guess the daughter actually needs reminded that she is getting too big to be hanging on her dad, and her dad seems to be open about all of this. SO I guess I need to come away with the fact that this BIL is a juvenile, somewhat chauvinistic a$$, but that does not automatically make him a pedophile or abuser. He pushes boundaries and enjoys making women feel uncomfortable, but stops there. I am not excusing or condoning his behavior, but want to point out that being an a$$ is one of our freedoms in this country. I can’t change him, so I will limit my exposure to him.

I have not showered in a few days because my director at work has put me in charge of a huge project. I have never had the lead on anything this big before. It is a project that will affect our entire company and even the direction we move in the next year or so. If my testing works, this new idea has the potential to bring us many new clients and bring our budget back into the realm of actually having a budget. We’ve been losing money for a year now while we invest in R&D and improvements. My head is filling with power! No, not really. My ego is nicely stroked though. I am enjoying it, owning it, doing a bang up job even. But the hours and obsessive level of attention to my job are reducing my ability to identify my own stench. At least I have no coworkers here in my own kitchen-home-office to smell me, and my dog seems indifferent. But at lunch time today, when I had an unusual scratchy feeling, and realized it was pit-stubble scratching my underarm, well, I ac


It’s calling me, begging me (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

tually put ‘shower’ on my calendar to block off the time. So I am blogging in borrowed shower time. Priorities.


3 thoughts on “Blogging in Borrowed Shower Time

  1. You’re right: There is no law and you can’t fix it. Good to know it’s manageable.

    Good for you on the project! Go you!! Don’t forget to take care of you. 🙂

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