Battle – Poem 29/30


Malignant and menacing, the moon exposed,

Deadly and deplorable, death superimposed,

grotesque and gruesome, prowling at night,

formidable figure, terrible fright.

What creature is this? standing alone,

mangled flesh, distorted bone.

Was it a man? Is it one still?

Dare to examine, feel the chill

What is life? An illusion, a shadow, a story. ...

shadow and light (Photo credit: legends2k)

when soul sees soul-less eyes.

Need to run, yet compelled to stay.

For curiosity, you will pay.

Horrendous and hideous, all that it shows.

Devastation and degeneration, all that it knows.

Appallingly awful, existence denied.

Sinister and shocking, no where to hide.

Eminent battle, must be prepared.

Only the strongest has chance to be spared.

Forget weapons, no gun, no sword

useless – for gore can’t be gored.

One, only one, thing it has not

the light of a soul, can’t be fought.

The good within will always win.


(c) 2013 Roots To Blossom


This was my attempt at a cacophony.  It was supposed to be dark and rough, and use dissonance and create an eerie feeling. I was going to end the poem after ‘only the strongest has chance to be spared’, but I couldn’t leave it that way, so uncertain.  So I had to un-cacophony it and add some hope. I had fun with the dark imagery, but light had to win in the end. The foul creature in this poem could be anything in life that tends to dim our inner light, and I think it will represent something different to each reader.


3 thoughts on “Battle – Poem 29/30

  1. You certainly achieved what you set out to do….I loved the darkness and strength of the words, at the same time imparting a magical, mystical quality…..I even found an ounce of sympathy and understanding for the monster/man, and saw a little of myself here too…..Amazing feat! Bravo…..

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