Wildflowers – Poem 27/30

English: Wildflowers

English: Wildflowers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wildflowers in the forest.

Weeds in our garden.

Delicate and lovely,

Fragrant and colorful,

Joyful to behold.


Spreading and choking

the well planned un-natural landscape.

Hours lost removing

and preventing the wild invasion.

Hours gained happily hiking

to visit the weeds,

here called wildflowers,

where some say they belong.



3 thoughts on “Wildflowers – Poem 27/30

  1. Every spring, a house I passed on my walks boasted a profusion of green. A sign always appeared in the yard as the first sprouts began to burst from the rocky landscape. “May all your weeds be wildflowers.” Sadly, there has been no explosion of flowers for two years now. But your poem reminded me of this woman’s yard, and it made me smile all over again.

    • Oh how great! Thanks for sharing that memory. I have also seen some wild looking cottages that look like they may be inhabited by fairies or hobbits that make me smile every time I pass them.

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