Why ask Why – Poem 26/30

‘Why’ is a child’s question

asked when the world is new.


I adore their point of view.

Why do the birds sing?

Why don’t I have wings?

Why do grown-ups work so much?

Why do armpits tickle when touched?

Why can’t I stay up all through the night?

Why is the sun so hot and so bright?

Why does the moon always change shapes?

Why are there green AND purple grapes?

Why do I have to take a bath?

Why do I have to stay on the path?

So many questions

from those wondering minds.

More questions form from the answers they find.

Until one day, the wondering fades.

Life is just life, black and white answers now have shades.

We learn some ‘Why’s have no answers at all

We find peace in acceptance

of what we don’t know

and instead live life and love life

and continue to grow.


3 thoughts on “Why ask Why – Poem 26/30

  1. Ah! Now WHY is it that the ‘like’ button won’t load when you need it to, LOL! Consider this a very strong ‘like’ if it doesn’t load once this is posted. Really like the structure and flow of this and the wisdom of its message. Well done!! 🙂

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