Invisible – poem 23/30

Gut-wrenchingly lonely

to be the only


of a woman

walking about.


Soul-crushingly painful,

such disdainful


of this woman

teeming with doubt.


Heart-breakingly unseen

labeled unclean


of that woman

never thought about.

6 thoughts on “Invisible – poem 23/30

  1. Hopefully, she learns she’s not alone and what she’s been taught to believe is a lie. Yep, I’m back in fighting for me mode. Heartbreaking poem, sadly spot on.

  2. Your first thought is to hide in somebody elses pity they have for you. It’s been heavily exploited scheme of yours for a long time. No, you are not alone even though you feel that way, you have others around and because of your own anonymity others will suffer too – but this isn’t something you thought about before taking actions. Actions have consequences you see.

    All this is exceptionally sad and I’m sad too, I have no other feelings right now, but overwhelming sadness. I also realize my brother may be right about things – for only one reason, only one, that my wellbeing is priority to him, that there’s no other before me, that I am VIP to him.

    • I have no idea what you are talking about here, at all. I did write a sad poem, but I am not currently sad or alone. I was being creative – something I like to do. I also have no idea what actions you are talking about, or scheme, or your brother. This is all meaningless to me, so I have to suppose this was not intended for me. Please take care, whoever you are.

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