Delicious Date

Last night I had the most delicious date with Hubby. It was spontaneous and beautiful and even felt a bit naughty as we managed to sneak in some time together.

We both had plans for the evening, him a final exam for the course he’s been taking, and me a seminar with an Arts Non-profit group. My seminar ended early, and even though I was enjoying it (well mostly, more on that in a bit) I still felt giddy at the early release, like I always do when allowed to flee the cage of a classroom. It helped that it was a warm, beautiful evening and I knew Grandma was at home with the kids. I was free for an hour!

So I texted Hubby and found out he had just completed his final. He was free too? This was most excellent. So I texted ‘Wanna meet?” and I was so excited that he did. I mean how silly, my heart jumping like that for a man that has been mine for so long. But it did.

We met at a little coffee shop, shared a brownie and our stories of the day. It was magical. Like a mini-vacation from stress and worry and work and kids.

Then I teased Hubby later, saying I had a confession, that I had a date with a cute guy after my seminar. He smiled, and said, “Oh, that’s Ok, I met up with a hottie too, after my class.” Delicious, truly delicious.


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