Building – Poem 14/30

ship building

ship building (Photo credit: ianturton)

My job, the work, for me is easy

it is the people that make me queasy

as I must decide what is safe to say

balancing promotion or getting fired today


For me, my tasks are ever so simple.

It is the required agreeable dimple

that causes pause and so much stress.

True thoughts held in,  I can not express


For deadlines I am always ready,

convictions I manage to hold steady

as I watch the others bend or break

I am solid, I can do this – piece of cake


I get my money, put in my time

bite my tongue to earn a dime

knowing I am but a pawn

also knowing I must go on


Corporate America, it is what it is

Get on board – or get out of the Biz!

My dreams are big, my path I see

Someday soon, I will be free


It may appear I am treading water

if you don’t know I’m a secret plotter

I’m building my own ship, preparing to sail

gathering stores to start my own tale





(c) 2013  Roots To blossom


Workplace politics get me down some days. I see the greed in others, their need for power, and I don’t understand. I will never move farther up the ladder they have provided for me, because I value people more than money. And so I am secretly building my own ladder, one planted firmly in excellence. My ladder is strong, and like anything made the right way, it is coming along slowly. I have no need to climb it today, but when I am ready for it, it will be there, and at the top will be my ship – waiting for me to captain.





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