Try Anything – Poem 13/30

I am what I am

and not what I do

I am always still me

That will always be true


So I can try anything

be it right, or be it wrong

It is the trying itself

that makes me so strong


(c) 2013 Roots To Blossom


I used to be crippled by so many fears, and fear of failure was huge. Fear of failure means no more trying. No more trying means no more doing. No more doing means no more living – and that was where I used to exist – in a state of not doing/barely living.

I used to let my weak leg keep me from even trying. I have done so many things now that I never thought possible. Last year I danced on stage for the first time – weak leg and all.

And now, this weekend, I completed a course and I’m certified to belay in a rock-climbing gym! There was a time when I would not have even been able to walk in that mulch-covered Rock Gym, and now, I walked in, and climbed the walls! I learned the knots, worked the gear, spotted other climbers, and actually climbed up there too. I did not make it up that high, as it was difficult to never rely on my right foot and find places to hold on and lead with my left. And yes, I may have let out an adorable, yet way too loud, girly scream when rappelling down the first time. I was terrified and I did it anyway. I didn’t do it that well, really, not that well, but this is just something else to make me stronger for trying. I can’t wait to go give it another try. I’ll try anything!




6 thoughts on “Try Anything – Poem 13/30

  1. wow … love the simplicity of this poem, and especially love the sentiment … keep trying, keep living … stop trying, stop living … you are really on a roll, and congrats on the climbing adventure!

    • Thank you. I hope my joy and surprise came through there, because I am still smiling as I recall the feeling of climbing. But most of all, the freedom that I could do something imperfectly and still enjoy it, shame free.

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