Introvert – Poem 12/30


shh (Photo credit: Raquel Camargo)








Back off

Be quiet

Just give me some space


Hold on

Slow down

Can’t keep up this pace


Need peace

Need quiet

Don’t want in this race


Leave me

Please go

Get out of my face




In my happy place


(c) 2013 Roots To Blossom


I am an introvert at my core. Although I thrive on connection and interaction, I’m a natural leader, love public speaking and even performing on stage – I am an introvert. This means I have the need to be alone, to have my own time, to recharge. I love being a mom, but sometimes this is the hardest part, finding time to be alone, actually alone, with no one calling for me or knocking on the door. I’ve become a much better mom once I realized I had this need, and no longer feel guilty when I need to slip away from everyone else to visit my internal happy place – alone. I can keep up the pace and daily demands for a while, but inevitably the words in this poem come to mind, and then come to my lips as I request, and then demand, to be left alone.





4 thoughts on “Introvert – Poem 12/30

  1. the general population seems to carry the belief that “alone” is a sad and desolate place to be, but as you’ve so eloquently described, sometimes alone is about recharging, renewing, and celebrating our ability to be quiet and still. nicely done. very nice.

    • I used to be recharged by being alone because it was the only time I did not have to hide, but it was still full of guilt. Now, it is a time to listen to myself and celebrate peace and healing, and guilt is not invited.

  2. I am appreciating what I have learned about being an introvert in an extrovert world. Took me a while to understand that enjoying alone time was not as unusual as I thought. Thanks for sharing this poem.

    • And I am finding that I have to defend my alone time, ensure that it happens by planning ahead, and explaining to extroverts that I am not depressed, not angry with them or anyone else, just looking forward to being with only me so I can then enjoy being with others more.

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