Spam – Poem 10/30

How to knowing if spam it might be

filled your inbox Great deal

Fantastic SEO scramble now free

Your Excellent post confused you feel


9 thoughts on “Spam – Poem 10/30

  1. LOLOLOL! I was so very interested to find the superior information that you have provided here. I shall return often for more of your harmonious tips. 😉

  2. Most reliable search engine is encoded on own drive kept in own skull, comes handy as decisive engine as well. This blog proves it is working pretty well. Report spam and clear the space by deleting it.

      • :-p
        Hold it!
        Remember not to format your disk. Do exactly as I say, just the other way around. No deletion before defragmentation.

        The most important thing about my advice is not to apply it to myself. I must remeber about it. It’s crucial. Absolutely crucial.

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