The End of J.B. – Poem 6/30

Today I am sharing a poem that my daughter and her friends are all singing at school. I apologize to J.B, but this really made me smile. I am not sure of the author, but I’m fairly certain it was a third grade girl that loves Taylor Swift and is completely OVER J.B.    : )


Somebody told me the world was made of macaroni
So I took a big bite out of a tree
It tasted kinda funny
so I spit it out and hit a bunny
Who started saying mean things to me
Then a little later
he turned into Darth Vader
And threw his Light Saber at me
But he missed me by a meter
and hit Justin Bieber
and that was the end of J.B.


5 thoughts on “The End of J.B. – Poem 6/30

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