Triumph – Poem 3/30

Rooted in torment, shame, and guilt

innocence lost, my prison was built


swallow the pain

chin up and smile

never the same

never a child


the root is diseased

No way to break free

that voice in my head

was torturing me


you are nothing

I feared that was true

you can’t do it, don’t bother

I’m sorry, you’re right, Father

they’re better off without you

I heard that before

they won’t even miss you

Just breathing’s a chore


the root is so strong

tired of the fight

I just wanted to sleep

for the rest of my life

Full of despair

I called on Death

hoping peace might be found

in my final breath


I’ll never know why

Death did not take me

Why’d I get the chance

to go on, to be?


years of silence

leting go of the lies

so many secrets

shedding the disguise


the root has grown weaker

it barely remains

new growth has formed

from love and not pain


you are disgusting

stop telling me lies

no one will love you

my spirit will rise

You can’t make a difference

I do and I’ll try

You can’t tell our story

I can. It’s your turn to hide.


the root is not silent

still alive in some way

but I choose not to listen

Not me. Not now. Not today


(c) 2013 Roots To Blossom

12 thoughts on “Triumph – Poem 3/30

    • Thank you. I would never take it that way, I understand, and appreciate it. Especially from someone who knows about these battles. And I crave motherly comments too, so we’re all good. xx

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