Intelligence Does Not Always Look Smart

Yellow Slime Mold

Yellow Slime Mold (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m linking to an article about how brainless slime molds have been able to solve complex problems and appear intelligent.

I don’t have anything profound to say about it, really. Mostly wanted to share, because I am fascinated by science and nature. And that maybe I have a chance to find my way in life if unthinking slime mold can find the best route eventually. It doesn’t care that one route was a dead-end, it just keeps going, sending out more and more until it gets there.

I know this is from a few weeks ago, but I had saved it and enjoyed it again today.

I think maybe sometimes we could all get to where we want to go if we didn’t let our brains hold us back?


Enjoy a nerdy break today. I just did.


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