Mom, Don’t Vote for Him, He’ll Send Me to China

Señalización de lugar de votación en Californi...

Ready to Vote! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


My kids seem pretty well informed about the presidential candidates, and keep offering me advice on who should get my vote. The barrage of mud slinging ads this year has been astounding. Soon I will be exercising my right to vote, and enjoying the peace that follows when the campaign ads and phone calls end. Thought I’d share my kids advice in case any of you were still undecided, lol:

  • Mom, Don’t vote for “Mick Ronny”, I saw on Tv that he’s going to send all the kids to China
  • Don’t vote for Obama, he already had a turn, and that wouldn’t be fair to have 2 turns
  • Don’t vote for Romy, he won’t let you get married
  • Don’t vote for Obama, he’s going to kill all the babies
  • Don’t vote for Romney, he’ll take away the hospitals
  • Don’t vote for Obama, he’s going to take all your money and flush it down the toilet

These were all at our dinner table last night. The kids were quite enthusiastic and were sure they were right, and it was awesome to see a 6 and 9 yr old arguing politics. The awesome part was they made more sense than most adults I hear arguing, blindly supporting one side or the another.

Now I am not sharing who I am voting for today. I’m not ready to handle those types of comments here and will not in vote general ignorance to my safe place. But I will be voting, and I know why I’m choosing who I’m choosing, and it has nothing to do with democrats or republicans, but on my own values and who I think has the best plan.

I hope everyone gets out to vote, and realizes how lucky we are to have this right.

I will also be voting Yes to support our local school levy, our local parks and museums issues, and everything else that need a few of my dollars to provide the education and type of community I can be proud of, and feel good to raise my kids here. We’ve been campaigning for the school levy, and I get so shocked at the anger I get back, that so many people think so poorly of teachers, and think they are somehow pocketing this money. I wish the schools did not have to beg for money, but that is how it works here.



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