Traveler’s Tummy From a Mental Vacation? Only Me


Reality’s cocktail (Photo credit: chris.corwin)

Smokey Cocktail

Mental Cocktail (Photo credit: MaugiArt)










A couple days ago I decided to treat myself to a lovely mental vacation. All day I played fun, relaxing music and looked at pictures of beautiful beaches. Apparently, I did not heed common advice and must have had (mentally) some of the local water to drink. My mental vacation was ruined by terrible stomach pains and general nastiness that I will not detail.

So yes – I am that powerful. Just imagining a tropical visit gave my body the full effect! If it had been only me getting sick, I would have had many theories on self-punishment, not allowing myself to be happy or to be relax. But luckily for me, not so luckily for Hubby, he was also sick, and so I did not have to explore any psychosomatic tendencies. We just got sick, and shared our germs, because that’s what loving families do.

Interesting though, how being sick all night, having a pounding headache, stomach cramps, and very little sleep is so much easier to handle than the mood swings and uncontrolled emotions and fear from mental illness and PTSD. I was able to carry on, to work and think and function with a physical ailment. I asked for the day off work, and was granted, except I ended up working 4 hours on my day off, just delegating tasks as emails still poured in. I guess it’s good to be needed. I guess.

Thank you Life, for being so funny, I get the cosmic humor. Good one, really, a point for the universe, none for me – yet.




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