Mental Rest after Therapy

I had my brain massage at therapy yesterday. Today I need to rest. I am content, but being kind to myself and not delving into more tough topics today.

This doesn’t mean  I get the day off. My mind may be in that hammock, but my body will still have meetings, reports, presentations, carpools, school functions, cooking, tending to children, etc. It just means I am not going to examine my feelings any further today.

Today I am just going to BE.

I starting to think the key to mental health and peace is some days you pedal hard, and some days you coast.


4 thoughts on “Mental Rest after Therapy

  1. Wise. It still takes me a bit to remember that I don’t have to process right away. Mind rest is good otherwise the swirling thoughts create even more problems. A tired brain doesn’t process well anyway.

    • I’m learning to process from my Hubby. Sometimes it can take a few days for him to settle into new feelings and process new data. You’re so right, those swirling thoughts can create many more problems.

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