I’ve Always Been Me

English: Morning mist on Lake Mapourika, New Z...

My path to a peaceful place (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On the path to finding the Me to be
I looked in my own eyes
and then I realized
the key to Me

I’ve always been Me

Though I had been told
to do this or say that
Though I had been molded
to fit their ideals
what is true, what is real

I’ve always been Me

This is simply all that I need
to heal, to love, to live and succeed
to see through their ploy
to move past the pain
to embrace, to breathe, to dance in the rain
to see my new path, is not to find Me
but to seek and spread joy


I’ve always been Me

(c) 2012 Roots To Blossom

12 thoughts on “I’ve Always Been Me

  1. Beautiful composition, wonderfully expressed. Isn’t it great when we find the “me” that was inside of us all along. Like you and I (and many others) I would wish it wasn’t so hard to make that discovery. However it doesn’t take away the wonderfulness of it when it is found, at all! Penny 🙂 hugs

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