Going to Bed Early is Easier when Not Alone

Not trying to brag here, well OK, maybe a little bragging, but mainly sharing another tip for getting a good night’s sleep and having a good morning. (wink)

Go to bed early – with your husband! (blush)

Yes, you got it. Hubby is such a good listener these days, and so ready to help me. I told him I need more sleep, but didn’t want to miss out on our time together, usually spent watching TV while kids are in bed. So he suggested we watch just 1 TV show each night and then both go to bed early. (Isn’t he thoughtful?) He gets up at 5:30am for work, and I’ve been getting up with him for a while now, to reset my internal clock and spend a few peaceful morning minutes with him, and then alone before kids wake up.

So we get the kids in bed, go downstairs and snuggle on the couch, pour a drink, have some cheese or nuts to offset carbs in the drink, and start watching a recorded show that we both like. Currently into Warehouse 13, White Collar, Psych. Anyways, we umm, have not seen the end to most any show we start, because the snuggling turns to petting, the petting turns to kissing, and well, we’re quickly ready to go upstairs to bed.

Yes. Every night. Yes, I’m bragging again, sorry. It is just so amazing! For nearly a decade we barely knew we lived in the same house. I can not believe this transformation, and how good it is for all of us. Mom and dad being so connected is felt by the kids, even if they don’t know exactly how we’re connecting. They just know we are together now, and not fighting, not yelling, and giving each other playful looks, whispers, and swats. They know we are happy and it makes them feel happy and secure.

So, just recommending this nightly ‘exercise’ regime right before sleeping plan, as it paves the way for a truly restful night of sleep. I’ve never looked forward to going to bed early in my whole life. I know I did not invent this idea, but I think it would be novel for many couples married so long.

And then in the morning, we have the alarm set early enough for either another round of ‘exercise’, or just a flirty snuggle, that keeps us connected all day long and longing to go to bed early again. We send some flirty emails throughout the day to seal the deal. (Oh behave!)




4 thoughts on “Going to Bed Early is Easier when Not Alone

  1. I’d say you are behaving, very much like a couple head over heels in love and it’s fantastic. When I imagine being married, this is what comes to mind. I am so happy for you.

  2. I read this and feel such happiness for your both. You are both lucky to be at this place. My husband was molested as a 10 year old, remembered it little less than 10 years ago. Our love life is non does not exist. I love him dearly. I just feel very rejected by him. Bless you both, I will think of you both as I fall asleep, and smile.

    • I’m so sorry for your husband. I have been in both roles, feeling rejected, and also being the one who rejects. Now for me, for years my husband would try to give me space and approach me very gently, which I took to mean he lacked desire for me, and that he felt the disgust for me that I felt for myself. Once I finally realized that I thought I was not worthy of his love and attention, every thing started to change. I had to give my husband permission to express his desires and passion, which he had been holding back to protect me, and scare me, not give me flashbacks – it was terrible. If your husband has only started to deal with these memories, even 10 years is just starting the healing journey. He needs your love and patience, and may need you to prove you love him repeatedly. I am always looking for signs that show me I am worthless and still a part of me does not believe he actually wants me. I don’t know everything, just offering insight into my own feelings, and hope they can help you in yours. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here, and for your kind words.

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