Who is This Morning Person?

South Padre Island: A person takes advantage o...

South Padre Island: A person takes advantage of the early morning for peace and quiet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s ME! I’m the morning person! I don’t have a beach to walk on, sadly, but if I did, I would have the energy to go walk on it. I’m up out of bed, doing stuff other than moping and moaning like a zombie. I answered emails, worked an hour, stretched, listened to birdsong, and gave the dog a belly rub. (Cuz he’s a good dog, yes he is)

In the past, like most of my life, morning has been the most dreaded word ever. If I forced myself out of bed, it would take an hour just to get dressed and moving, and each step would be painfully slow. I would try to read, and the words would look like something I feel I have seen before, but don’t quite remember. I would forget to do things, like brush my teeth. And I relied heavily on oldest daughter to keep us on schedule on school mornings. Last year I would worry that I could not pack a lunch in 20 minutes, because I would be moving that slowly. I actually wish I had that on video, me moving all sloth-like.

I think some of this morning transformation is part of my overall change for the better – my outlook on life, and my progress on my journey of healing and finding my authentic self. As wonderful as that sounds, I’m thinking more of it has to do with this low blood sugar nonsense.

Last night I had some cheddar cheese before bed, instead of chips or M+M’s. I think my sugar has been crashing overnight for years. Surging from my late night binge, then crashing while I sleep. I have no evidence for this, just an idea, but it certainly makes sense. When I have protein instead of sugar before bed, I actually wake up in the morning. No dragging ass to the couch, no fumbling about in a semi-conscious fog. I actually wake up.

Part of me wants to document and experiment with this, but most of me is far too lazy for that. I have never kept a food journal for more than, umm, maybe 2 days. Just too much work and attention needed for that, sorry. But I do have a note on my desk now, that says, “Do you feel crappy? What did you eat?” Just to make sure I associate food with mood more often.

Last week I even gave in and bought some of my favorite cookies, those Keebler Elves really do bake with magic. But my “I’ll just have one cookie after lunch” always turns into, “oops, where did the cookies go?”. And I started having quick breakfasts with kids before school, toaster waffles with honey and cinnamon. Amazing how sugary most breakfast items are. I do get tired of smearing peanut butter (natural only – not the cheap kind full of corn syrup) on everything, but I do feel better. And we make our own honey nut cheerios, by getting adding fresh honey, and chopped nuts to plain whole grain cheerios. I have mine with unsweetened almond milk, so delicious – and no crash!

So now I’m wondering if I should have the kids eat this way too? Is this hypoglycemia thing something only I am prone to, or is this healthy eating for everyone? For years I have given them raisins, carrots, pretzels, graham crackers, etc as a snack. Now the raisins and carrots have some fiber to slow down the sugar, but the pretzels do not. I thought pretzels were healthy, being low fat and not a sugary snack, but now I know it is pure carbohydrate. So I’m confused. Why is eating so difficult?

Anyways, the kids do not seem to buzz or crash after eating pretzels alone, so I am guessing their blood sugar is more stable than mine.  Did I break that part of me by over-consuming sugar and carbs for so many years? Maybe pretzels are a healthy snack if you don’t have reactive hypoglycemia. Hmmm.


8 thoughts on “Who is This Morning Person?

  1. It’s surprising how similar hypoglycemia and diabetes are in reactions and quite often how you eat to control the reactions to your body. The diabetes for me was controlled better by losing weight and changing to less cookies and more protein. Both conditions still have the ability to make your body drag because the sugar levels are to high. That rush of energy that comes as your sugar is dropping is phenomenal and yet, short lived. Then you feel wiped. For me, when I have a sugar hi, I also have a sugar hangover, that is about like any other hangover you might have.

    I don’t know if now it’s habit or my body craves it, but a banana with peanut butter spread on it is what keeps me going in the morning.

    Anyway, thanks. I enjoyed reading and good luck with the food choices.

    • Yes, peanut butter and banana, such a good choice and so yummy! Thanks for sharing this, good to know others have the same strong reactions to sugar, so I may be on the right track here. It seems my sugar never goes super high, even after eating stays under 130, but instead of rising, it drops to 60 immediately after eating carb heavy meals, then stays low. Dr said insulin levels are normal, and fasting sugar levels are normal, so I just need to balance my carbs. Not sure if this is pre-diabetes, or some other reason I am so reactive, but Dr seemed not concerned.
      So yes, I think I’ve had sugar hangovers for years, but blamed depression or not sleeping well. I wonder now. So happy a Dr sent me home with a glucose meter, even though I thought she was idiotic for doing so.

  2. Now, I’m wondering. I know I feel much better when I have more protein in my diet. I’m going to try that cheese thing at night. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I reached the stage where my blood sugar is trying to flip-flop from low to high. I have done the research and it does make a huge difference and go you for figuring it out without spending millions of dollars on research. Those sneaky advertisers for the elves make a lot of money to convince you that cookies are magical. I do find that if I have a bit of dessert with my meal I won’t fell deprived and go on a middle of the night sugar binge. Bananas with peanut butter is a favorite. ( I use natural peanut butter too.) Raisins with peanuts a snack I can keep in a desk at work. (I tried the trail mix but found myself picking out the M&Ms.) I eat them one at a time so I feel like I ate a bunch. I was a living zombie for 3 years, I did the research because all the tests came within the ‘normal’ range but the combination and erratic sleep wrecked havoc on my physical health. Yes, my children inherited it but I could reassure them that none of them would need to be sick as me because I believed them and did the research. Two of them had to land in the emergency room before they finally said, “Hey mom, what do you do to keep this from happening?” Now we are all doing fairly good. 🙂

    • Silly WordPress, I keep typing this super long reply, and the little window keeps disappearing, so I must start over again.

      I am sorry to hear your blood sugar is flipping to high. I am afraid that is in my future since both sides of my family have sugar problems.

      How scary your kids needed the ER, for sugar crashes? Wow.

      I am guilty of picking out the goodies from trail mix too! I make my own mix now, with so many good things that I don’t avoid the boring peanuts. I use cashews, walnuts, dried cranberries/apricots, and chocolate covered espresso beans. Just have to grab one handful and remove bag from sight.

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